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zombie Essay

A zombie refers to a corpse that regains back its life through mysterious ways. A corpse can become a zombie either through witchcraft or any other supernatural powers (Badley, 1996). Nonetheless, most cases of zombies are prevalent in Caribbean as well as in African regions. Various people have written stories of zombies depicting different themes. These stories are given different names depending on their qualities. In this respect, they may be referred to as the undead, living dead, soulless corpse, or walking corpse. Stories about zombies may illustrate different themes depending on the background of the writer (Badley, 1996). Therefore, this paper will analyze a number of stories on zombies and depict their themes on how zombies are deemed.

Jeffrey Ford has written a story on zombies. In his story that relates to a Malthusian Zombie, he narrates various encounters and events he has faced with the Malthusian zombie. Jeffrey had a hard time trying to figure out nationality of Malthusian (Ford, 2000). Malthusian used to speak with an accent that was said to be strange. He mumbled as well as stuttered each time he was speaking, thus, making it hard for anyone to comprehend his words. In addition, his face and body were wrinkled like that of an old (Ford, 2000). The hair on his head was fuller and grey; a condition that depicted that Malthusian was not young. His eyes were very large while his grin looked mischievous such that he looked exactly like a monster (Ford, 2000). Most of the times, Malthusian could give an eclectic smile whenever a person confronted him.

Eventually, Ford realizes that Malthusian was a Zombie due to his distinct characteristics from the other human beings. Malthusian features do not resemble a normal human being. For instance, he does not comment or respond to any question. Nevertheless, he is quick at responding to commands with a straight forward and a succinct answer (Ford, 2000). Nonetheless, after being commanded to give out his name, he quickly responds that his name is ‘Tom.’ Moreover, he is quick at pointing out that he was a former worker of the US government. Nonetheless, he was not quick at recalling exact type of job that he used to do. Zombies are capable of performing many of their duties just like human beings. They c

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