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Yum Company Essay

Yum Company

The global fast food industry is bound to continue growing into the foreseeable future given consumer’s preferences to align with western models of fast food restaurants as well as increasing number of middle income earners. Yum Brands formerly TRICON Global Restaurants has been in the industry since 1997. The super brand now operates under three flagship subsidiaries namely the KFC division, the Taco Bell Division, the Pizza Hut Division and the new YUM China subsidiary. The new subsidiary was formed to accommodate the unique cultural perspectives of Chinese consumers in a market that stills bears huge growth capacity into the long term. This is an indication that the Yum Company leadership has embraced an organizational strategy that seeks to thrive on greater globalization outcomes. As such, to execute such a mandate, the super brand will project a largely nomadic workforce, extended supply chains, greater workforce diversity and larger and specialized technology application to reach out to it growing global consumer base. This paper seeks to present an analysis of Yum Company’s present form, its organizational structure, consumer and market diversity, workforce diversity and its adopted communicatio

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