Writing Service For College Application Essay: Here's Everything You Need To Know

Any college application essay is a monumental step in life. This document will define your next move in life following your exit from high school.

While in high school, you most definitely wrote tens of essays, and most were pretty unique. However, your real test after high school will be the college application essay. It will combine different elements of the various papers you have written before.

Acing your college application won’t guarantee you entry into university. However, a poorly written and structured college application essay will most likely limit your chances of gaining admission into the school of your dreams.

What Is A College Application Essay?

college application essay

Every essay you encounter in your academic life has a different purpose. You’ve probably gone through a bunch of narrative or even argumentative essays back in high school. A college application essay, on the other hand, is directly linked to your college application.

The write-up does not often the traditional essay layout, and students need to be very careful with what they put in. The essay backs up your claim to entry into your college of choice and why you deserve the position.

The document is not incredibly long and others may struggle to fit in so much information in such a short write-up.

Why You Need An Essay To Get Into College

If you’ve got a dependable college application essay, then your chances of joining the school are pretty high. Remember, the Admissions guys will scrutinize your document as they seek to understand you a lot better. It’s a kind of interview where you won’t be standing in front of a panel.

This essay gives you the chance to explain your life goals, challenges, triumphs, and basically tell the ‘panel’ why you deserve to join the college.

Furthermore, any mistakes you make on the write-up will tell a particular story about your character. For instance, a lot of students usually fail to understand essay questions. You’ll probably come off as impatient or careless. Needless to say, these characteristics are rarely associated with successful college applicants.

College Application Essay Structures

At this point in your life, you have probably encountered a dozen different types of essays from high school. Such papers mainly differ on the topics being covered and the general layout of the write-up.

On college application essays, you will almost always be expected to nail one of these two essay structures.

a.       Narrative

The narrative type of essay is perhaps one of the simples to come up with. You don’t have to use any complicated jargon. Most times, you need to talk about your personal experience in the document and hence there is a lot of ‘I’ in the essay.

When writing any narrative essay, be conscious of the general essay structure. While narratives should needlessly flow from start to finish, you still need to adhere to the introduction-body-conclusion essay setup.

For some students, narratives are relatively easy to write and will often take up the least amount of time to complete. If you are considering a course in journalism, this essay structure is a must-have in your college application.

This is because a narrative essay closely mirrors any type of journalism since you are merely reporting on past events.

College application essays usually provide an excellent platform for one to express themselves, academically, and even socially. The narrative allows you to tell your story and make your case on why you deserve a spot in the institution.

The structure and language that guide narrative essays allow students to paint a picture of themselves. If you use inappropriate language or present an unprofessional side, you will likely lose your chance at gaining entry into the college.

b.      Montage

Essays are almost always written, typed, and in general, presented as text. However, some institutions accept a different kind of essay structure, the montage configuration.

A montage is a film editing technique that combines various facets of the film, including images to represent a single item. It can be surmised that the montage is a condensed version of a more comprehensive idea.

When it comes to essay writing, montage-type essays rarely stray farther from the film world. These types of college write-ups involve combining several information items like images, music and text to deliver information as effectively as possible.

The Different Types Of College Application Essays

college application essay

Before getting started on any college application essay, have in mind the kind of writing your potential college accepts. There are a couple of different college application types. Some institutions are pretty selective with what they’ll receive so you’ll be on the safe side once you submit what is needed.

1.      Common application

There are several hundred schools that make up the Common App group. They accept Common applications from all over the country. If you are eyeing a member college, then simply complete one common application before sending the copies to any college you prefer.

From its onset in 1975, the common application creates an encompassing application procedure that requires students to submit several documents, one of which is a college application essay.

Nowadays, students can fill out an online application for their school of choice and include the paper in the portal.

2.      Individual college application

If your college isn’t listed in any particular group such as the Common App, then you are expected to pen an individual college application.

Usually, having college group application platforms makes receiving and responding to applicants a bit seamless. On the other hand, some schools prefer an individualistic approach to the matter. Students, in this case, will often make their case directly to the institution.

However, most of these cases usually do not have a set preference when it comes to college applications. You are likely to be safer contacting the administration members and seeking clarification on the matter. If there isn’t a specific process to follow, then the Common App might as well apply.

3.      Universal college application

Just like the Common App, a universal college application combines several colleges allowing students to send one application to participating schools.

The only difference between the two is the number of participants. In the Common App, there are hundreds of institutions, unlike the three you will get on the Universal application portal.

However, you can still use the Common App as all the schools on the Universal application list similarly feature on the Common App.

4.      Coalition application

As the most recent of college applications, the coalition submission is quite revolutionary in every sense. For starters, students can record their academic achievements throughout high school and collect the same in a portfolio.

Because students are actively engaged in their academics from an early stage and not just after high school, they can start considering what they want to pursue later on in college.

The coalition application is home to about ninety member schools. There is a criterion which these institutions must pass to join the coalition. One of these requirements is a reasonably high graduation rate (70%).

5.      System-shared application

Other colleges share a similar application system like the Common App. However, the system-shared method only involves universities in the same locale. Some colleges use the system-shared approach in conjunction with the Common App as well.

Steps To Writing A College Application Essay

college application essay

Writing a college application essay is like penning other essay types. The process is mostly similar and if you completed your high school curriculum with success, the college application essay routine will not be starkly different.

Here are some things to keep in mind when writing such an essay.

·         Understand the prompt

Most students fail at essay writing because they did not understand the topic question. An essential item in any essay, college application or not, is the subject. Get this wrong and you might even not submit the document.

So before you begin writing a single sentence, get to terms with the essay prompt. What are you required to tackle, explain, or document? Also, the aim of the essay could guide you as you are writing.

Typically, college essay questions are not specific. College applications mostly aim to understand the kind of person applying for a position, and as such, they challenge your creative side as well as understanding.

To better understand the essay prompt, you are encouraged to read and re-read it as much as you deem necessary. Be patient because if you fail to comprehend what is needed, you will lose out before you even get started.

·         Brainstorming

Brainstorming allows you to consider numerous scenarios before fining the perfect answer. The process gets your creative side working overtime to get a best-fit solution for the essay question. Brainstorming in groups works even better than when you are alone.

·         Outline your write-up

Creating an outline is like building the foundation of your document. It will be your roadmap when writing the entire essay. Typically, the plan consists of your major and minor topics which you shall expound further when the actual writing starts.

·         Write

If you have understood the aim and general essay direction and even created an outline, you are now ready to put pen to paper.

When writing, do not stray from the main idea and always be specific. Any good essay worth its weight will include plenty of facts, quotes, examples and reasons for certain phenomena. The last thing your essay needs is to lead your readers on a wild goose chase to nowhere.

·         Proofreading and editing

Patience is a virtue a lot of people do not put to use. A lot of standard grammar and structural errors students make arise from the lack of proofreading once they complete their essays.

Remember, a mistake-ridden write-up paints you in a bad light and dampens your chances of gaining admissions. Proofreading is perhaps the easiest step to writing an essay and is often completed in a short time. Do not skip it.

·         Finalize then submit

The entire essay will probably cost you several days’ worth of your time. However, once you are done, go back to the instructions and check that everything is in place before the final submission. Remember to correctly include your name and other relevant details before sending the copy.

The Essay Topics You Need To Avoid

Sometimes, colleges will provide topic questions that you are expected to expound in your essay. Other times, you will be presented with a handful from which you can settle on the most comfortable for you.

However, in the event an institution has not specified what you need to write on, you ought to be particularly keen on your essay topic.

The wrong topic will not only make you look bad but also throw out the window your chance at gaining admission into the college of your dreams.

Therefore, these are some topics you need to stop considering when writing your college application essay.

·         Politics and religion

These are the most prominent areas you need to avoid at all costs. It is no secret how divisive these two subjects are across the globe. Global conflicts have been waged, won, and lost all in the name of either of politics and religion.

For someone new to the college, you have no business presenting your opinions on either topic. You never know who might be on the other end and what their views on the matter are. Therefore, stick to neutral discussions before gaining access to the college itself.

·         Comedy

Academics is no laughing matter, and even if you have a knack at cracking jokes, sometimes a somber demeanor will get you into the school of your dreams.

While throwing some humorous bits across your essay might lighten the mood for your readers, an overly funny write-up cannot be taken seriously, especially when you are seeking admission into the school.

·         Personal accomplishments

An essay allows you to present yourself, virtually at least, before a panel and explain why you deserve to join the school. It is perfectly okay to list your prior accomplishments as evidence of your competency. However, be careful not to overly brag about what you have done or where you have been.

·         Personal failures and illegal activity

You do not want to write about is how you got lost in drugs and other illegal activities. No one is looking for that information and if you present the same, chances are you will be struck off the list of potential admissions.

Granted, your past might have been unsatisfactory, and you might even be over the same. However, your past experiences, negative or otherwise, tell a story about the kind of person you are. Detailing how you sunk into substance abuse or crime will hardly paint a positive picture on your college application essay.

·         Tragedies in life

Writing about tragic matters such as divorce and even death brings with it a lot of sad emotion. While they are evidently depressing to even talk about, the real challenge comes when presenting information on the matter. You are better off sticking to a topic that won’t arouse too many emotions and wholly easier to write on.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A College Application Essay Writing Service

1.      Free unlimited revisions

A college application essay is a powerful element in your general application. A poorly written piece might even cost you a position in your dream college. Therefore, you must ensure you only submit the best copy you can.

The need for revisions will ultimately be determined by who is writing the essay. EssayProwess authors are generally the best in the business, and you should expect minimal modifications. However, in the event you would want something changed, rest assured it will be taken care of.

Moreover, sometimes one review isn’t enough, and we’ll go over the document several times in search of perfection. Also, there is no extra charge on revisions. We are only interested in having the best copy available that will boost your chances of landing a spot in college.

2.      Timely delivery

The relationship between academics and time management cannot be stressed enough. You do not want to hand in your college application essay late. That’s why we always deliver the papers as soon as they are done.

3.      Zero plagiarism

Plagiarism will have a massive impact on your chances of being accepted. It is a notable case of academic thievery. Be sure your tutors will not be pleased about it, much less the admission officers.

Our writers use state-of-the-art plagiarism detecting software to ensure you only get an essay with 0% plagiarism.

4.      24/7 support

The editors are always on hand to help with your revision needs from the moment you receive the final draft.

5.      Money-back guarantee

We are keen on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, and in case you aren’t pleased with the essay, you’ll get back your money. However, we rarely have unsatisfied clients owing to our experience and overall expertise in writing.

The Take-Away

A college application essay, like other pieces, needs patience and effort to produce successfully. If you hurry the process, you will likely fail bigtime.

For students fresh out of high school and are looking to join college, this kind of write-up is key to your chances of gaining admission into the school of your dreams. Take your time to understand everything there is to know about such essays and the process followed when writing one.

This way, you are less likely to miss out on your dream college on account of a poorly crafted college application essay.