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Q: How much should I pay for my essay?

It is quite simple for you to know much you will pay for your essay editing. We have an online calculator on our main page that you could use to calculate the price of your paper. We usually encourage our customers to make orders in good time because it is cheaper to get an essay with a longer deadline than an essay with a short deadline. Our rates start at 10 dollars per page and go as high as 16 dollars per page depending on the complexity of the paper.  Students often asks, “What makes a complex paper?” A complex paper is one that needs advanced knowledge to tackle or one that requires more time researching. Papers in the fields of accounting, statistics, physics, chemistry, IT, computer science and architecture to mention but a few are considered as complex orders and hence are charged a little higher than normal orders.

Q: Do you offer proof reading and editing services?

Yes we do. Just remember to mention that you need essay editing services when making the order. Please note that proof-reading entails checking for errors and detecting plagiarism. Hence, our customers cannot be expected to make more than 30% changes on the original text. If we detect plagiarism, we shall have our editors play with the word order ,but please do not expect the paper to be substantially different from the original text. We shall however ensure that the paper is free of any mistakes.

Q: Can you type my essay in MLA, Chicago, APA?

Yes we can! Our writers are proficient in the use of most academic styles and will format your paper in your preferred referencing style, be it Chicago/ Turbian, Harvard, MLA or APA. Just mention the referencing style that you want in the order form and we shall do it accordingly.

Q: Can I pay after receiving my paper?

Unfortunately, you cannot. We only work on prepaid orders. We start working on your paper as soon as we receive your payment. This policy may make you feel insecure as a first timer but to caste your doubts away, we encourage you to visit our refund policy page. If you are disappointed with the paper, we can refund you 100% of the money you used to purchase the paper. However, that is not likely to happen because we deliver quality papers and most of our clients are satisfied with the essays we write for them.

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