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Write my essay online for Improving the System college paper

Write my essay online for Improving the System college paper

Improving the System




The correctional system in the United States could be missing out in the initial objective that resulted in it being established and facilitated under the criminal justice helm. A series of social issues have been identified to emerge in the criminal justice system and particularly regarding the correctional sector. The criminal justice system in the United States has had its strengths derived from the series of civil rights movements and need to install an element of justice soon after the uncouth era of slavery. However, it is imperative to fathom that the society comprises a large portfolio of individuals all with different traits. The system, therefore, was instituted to ensure that there is law and order in the society. The question that arises is whether some of the contemporary trends are sufficient to prove that there is absolute law and order in the society and more so in the context of the correctional system (Brooks, 2015). A series of research attempts have been made towards characterizing the correctional system in as far as changing the society is concerned. The paper attempts to determine the extent in which the correctional system has failed, the dimensions in which it has failed and the feasible solution towards addressing the challenge.

Before engaging in the in-depth review of the contemporary trends in the correctional system in the society, it is essential that the research first highlight the most feasible areas in which the system focuses on and may be facing a challenge. For instance, the correctional system has been considered the central unit for rehabilitation and correction of behavior. That requires that they be accompanied with a series of realistic policies most of which influence the decisions taken by the criminal justice system (Brooks, 2015). Therefore, through this understanding, it becomes easier to determine the avenues where the correctional system is not acting towards achieving the intended results. Remember, the question subject to research is that of what could be wrong with the corrections systems and the possible solutions or improvements.

The Research Problem

The United States is considered a racially diverse nation with its levels of diversity surpassing any other nation. However, the social and economic environments are not equally distributed across the different nations. Ideally, some communities are marginalized in the United States. Marginalization in this case implies that they are denied their economic and social benefits, elements that are very essential in the context of living satisfactorily (Bobo & Thompson, 2010). One very common element affiliated with social and economic marginalization is the disparate treatment of the people of color. There has been increased mistreatment of the people of color in the entire criminal justice system has become predominant. Racial, as well as, ethnic segregation in terms of the people that are imprisoned has resulted in the society being in a position of mistrusting the corrections system (Brooks, 2015). That makes it hard for these very people to believe that the system is actually working towards improving the status of the society. To some extent, it is perceived to be an impeding issue in as much as security and order issues in the society are concerned.

Ideally, any attempts towards addressing the racial disparity issues in the criminal justice system is basically in consistency with the commitment to public safety, as well as the fair system of justice. If, in any case, there are unwarranted disparities and that they can be reduced the corrections system or the justice system may regain its lost credibility and even be accepted more in the society regarding its potential to addressing the impending issue of crime. It is imperative to point out that any attempt to deal with racial disparity in the corrections system is likely to result in exhibiting the consistency in the commitments to public safety and even the fair justice system of justice. Before engaging in a detailed analysis of the contemporary issues regarding the correctional system, it is imperative to demonstrate an understanding of the corrections system concept.        

Understanding Correctional Systems

As stipulated in the recent sections of the research, it is clear that the problem subject to research in this case is that of co

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