Write a Reflective Analysis on Health Administration sample paper

Write a Reflective Analysis on Health Administration sample paper

Reflective Analysis on Health Administration

Healthcare practice is guided by legal and ethical standards that must be applied by health practitioners when they are undertaking their duties. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 guides people in the health care sector in ensuring security and privacy of data provided by the patients. Healthcare administration that involves providers and insurers has to follow the necessary guidelines and ethical standards.
From the course HCA300, I learnt that health administration entails services rendered in the health system and it also entails the networks between different hospitals. Management of the healthcare system requires that resources are managed properly, departments are working towards achieving the goal intended and that people in the healthcare facility are aware of what is expected of them. This course made me learn of how important communication is in the healthcare facilities and institutions.

Healthcare administration has many legal aspects associated with it, and this is evident from course HCA305. The government regulates the healthcare systems and provides guidelines that the system is supposed to follow. From the course, I learned that practitioners need to follow the guidelines provided by the government failure to which they find themselves in trouble and most instances dealing with court cases.
The course HCA400 enlightened me on healthcare information systems that are used in different healthcare facilities. Information is essential in the healthcare system as it is used in decision making and it is used by health planners and policymakers. I also learnt about the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and how it has helped solve inefficiencies in the healthcare system. The EHR system has helped in ensuring that a patient’s information is on one platform and this reduces errors in the system.

Healthcare workers need to be managed by the healthcare resource management and this I learned from course HCA410. I learned that having the human resource department ensures that the high quality of healthcare is provided. The department ensures that workers employed in the facilities are qualified and that the services they provide are up to standards.

Administrators in the healthcare sectors are faced with many ethical dilemmas that they need to ensure that the decision made follows the ethical and legal standards in the health system. From course HCA310, I learned that health administrators have the responsibility of making fiscal, legal, privacy, and management decisions while observing the ethics that guide these fields. Due to the gravity of issues in the healthcare system some of them involving a matter of life and death, it is important that all ethical issues be solved with utmost care.
Health administration is by far and wide considered a simple task but lessons learned from various courses provided to me that this is not the case. Health administration involves so many legal and ethical issues that need to be keenly followed. Assignments and projects from the courses gave me a clear picture of situations in the field, and this will be helpful when dealing with similar issues in the field.

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