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World War 2

Paper Instructions

Peace is the short interval when nations toil to pay the costs of past and future wars Herbert Prochnow

Wars change lives and the major wars of the twentieth century created huge changes in the lives of people living in the United States.

For your assignment, choose a specific war from the following: World War I, World War II, or the Vietnam War.

Discuss specifically how that war changed life in the United States.

You may choose to discuss the impact on the general population or to limit your discussion to a specific group, ie. a minority, women, returning veterans, labor, etc.

You may discuss a broad impact or limit your discussion to a particular parameter, ie. economics, politics, lifestyle, etc.

Must draw on information gained from at least two outside sources, only one of which may come from the internet. All sources other than the text or class discussion, must be cited.

Any theories or opinions must be backed up with credible evidence.

Size: 11 font, double spaced Three pages minimum