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Workplace Violence RESEARCH PAPER



TOPIC: Workplace Violence

Required Elements of the Paper

Your paper should be modeled after the sample provided. The report must contain: five pages, and a references page (this is all you are doing).

Your report must include a total of at least six sources cited on the references page. There must be both primary and secondary sources listed. You must also include parenthetical (in-text) references within your pages of text as appropriate.

For all sources, you should use APA format. See for help if needed.


Within the text of your report, be sure to include ample “reader relief” through the use of white space, internal and internal headings. Direct the reader’s attention by sparingly using mechanical means of emphasis (bolding, italics, font changes).

The structure of the paper should be:

  1. Write about the problem
  2. Purpose
  3. Methods for solutions
  4. Conclusion
  5. Works Cited

Sources I want you to consider. You may use a couple of your own but I MUST have access to them.