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Essay about women leadership essay topics

Essay about women leadership essay topics


The topic of women in leadership has always been controversial since the biblical times. In the Bible, leadership is considered as a spiritual call, compared to the contemporary world. It was also regarded as a special gift that God gave His chosen people to use to help other people. The Bible has a lot to elaborate on the roles of Christians both women and men. However, when it comes to leadership, most Christians seem to have disagreements concerning the position of women. God considered women to have the same capabilities as their male counterparts. The New Testament highlights various stories whereby women were aggressively involved in leadership roles especially in the church.

According to the Bible, women were considered to have the same leadership influence like their male counterparts. Women’s role depended on the region; however, this did not deter them from holding leadership positions. Phoebe was one of the women that were considered as leaders. She held a position as a servant of the church, whereby, she was a deacon. In the early church, a deacon could hold the administrative task. According to Paul, ministers were mainly involved in the role of spreading the word of God.

Therefore, it shows that Phoebe was considered as a leader in the early church. She was also regarded as a helper, a title that was held in high esteem in the Bible. Phoebe’s ministry had a great value that it influenced beyond her followers. She had the same role as Paul and other male leaders. Apart from influencing her supporters, she also had a great impact on Paul’s life. In addition, she is referred to as a woman whose authority made her gain respect from the believers. Her role in the early church shows that women were recognized as capable leaders during the early church.

Another woman who is recognized as a leader in the bible is Priscilla. She is considered as a respected leader whereby she taught the scriptures together with her husband.  She held a

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