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Essay on Whitney Spannuth eating disorder example topics

Essay on Whitney Spannuth eating disorder example topics


Whitney Spannuth eating disorder.

Whitney was a cross country runner and developed an eating sickness in an effort to become thinner so as to be efficient in the cross-country competitions the eating disorder caused her severe health complications that made her body very weak. The disorder she contracted is called anorexia that nearly caused her to miss the chance at the Olympics. Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by inappropriate eating habits, immoderate food restrictions, obsession with having a thin body and an irrational fear of weight gain.   Whitney wanted to be in shape for the Olympics, and she believed that a skinnier body could enable her perform better at the Olympics. She restricted the amount of food she ate that lead to her body thinning and lacking energy (Eating Disorders, n. d).

The regaining of good health involved the following of a strict diet schedule to ensure full recovery. Food variety is important when establishing meal plans as well as foodstuffs that are higher in energy density. Whitney was subjected to a strict diet in order to build comfort in eating before increasing the amount of food intake. Food with zinc supplements was top on the list as the zinc helps the victim to increase weight gain. Where at the early stages of recovery there is a high intake while at the later stages the amount of zinc taken is reduced to control the weight gain. Another important element for treating anorexia is the intake of adequate calories and a measured rate to improve the health condition. Also, she took enough essential fatty acids like omega-3 acids that boosted the gain of weight that aided her to take part in the subsequent Olympics (Eating Disorders, n. d).

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