It is the goal of every researcher to deliver an outstanding research paper at the end of their research. The only medium that conveys an individual’s hard work is normally through research paper writing. Regardless of whether you are writing an abstract, a research project, term paper, or a thesis, your criteria of data delivery and your styles of writing together generate a comprehensive image of you.

What Is A Research Paper

Before commencing to write a new piece of research, one needs to know all the things that it entails. To a large extent, the essence of a research paper is presenting an individual’s beliefs regarding a specific argument. There should be a provision of substantial evidence to back up these beliefs. More often, an instructor needs one to commence on an extensive fact-finding mission in search of relevant information and details that backs up an individual’s point of view.

Term papers are more often supported by the data presented, which gives them a lot of authority. Therefore getting trustworthy essays that will persuade others about your beliefs, to be precise, and necessitate gathering a lot of relevant information. The process of writing a research paper is not easy. However, having experience in Academic essays makes it easy for one to deliver a research paper.

What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers
What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers

In the process of writing research papers, there are various do’s and dont’s we ought to keep in mind. Adhering to these guidelines helps in the delivery of a quality paper as an individual is less vulnerable to make the common mistakes that are present during the process of writing a research manuscript. The following are some of the do’s, and dont’s in the process of writing a research paper;

The Dos Of Writing Research Papers

Adoption Of An Incisive And Clear Approach

A research paper is very distinct from creative writing and similarly, pieces of fiction writing. When writing a research paper, it is crucial to deliver facts, logic, and counter reasons that are research-based. Avoid beating around the bush with a lot of irrelevant stories around a particular topic, keep to the facts, and assimilate a professional, incisive, and coherent approach all around.

Focus On The Accuracy Of The Research Paper

The findings and methodologies can be used by future researchers in the process of conducting research; therefore, the accuracy and the correctness of the paper are very significant. Researchers can, later on, use an individual’s innovative ideas and techniques to confirm the correctness of the data that is being presented.

What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers
What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers

Use Of The Appropriate Style Guide

This involves familiarizing yourself with the instructions and requirements of an appropriate style guide recommended by your instructor and don’t forget to integrate it into the whole process of writing your research manuscript.

Provide Evidence

A researcher should give the provisions of concrete proofs and adequate supporting cases to back up his findings. This helps in enhancing the quality of the paper since the results are explained logically hence giving the justification of the conclusions.


Before submitting a research paper, go through the content several times to correct any errors that might be present. It is also advisable to consider the help of your friends, editors, and peers to assist you in fine-tuning the paper and proofreading it as well. This assists in eliminating all the possible errors and mistakes that might be present.

Focusing On The Research

Research is a very significant aspect of the process of writing a research paper. It is vital to devote ample time for conducting research, make use of reliable resources to ensure the information that you are collecting is genuine, reliable and up to the minute.

What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers
What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers

Use Of Appropriate Terminologies

In the process of writing a research paper, make use of the appropriate scientific terminologies, and avoid throwing up jargon. To make use of the relevant terminologies, consider the topic and the area of research.

Allow Other People To Check Through Your Writing

If you are unable to go through the work, you have written, or you lack have the ability to point out what makes or does not make sense, bring in someone to help you proof-read it. Even if you read your manuscript countless times, it might be impossible to point out puzzling and illogical phrasing— After all, you are the essay writer. Bringing in another person to go through it for you can give a significant sanity check.

Make Appropriate Citations For Your References

Ensure to make appropriate citations for your references. During the writing process, label your notes so that you can have ample time to retrieve the sources of your information. Make use of bases that are reliable for the citations used.

Make Use Of Regular Of Tenses

The present tense is frequently used in research papers, and it is supposed to be used when alluding to texts that are written. At no zero times is the future tense used in writing research manuscripts.  Past tense is used when writing papers related to history or experiments that were conducted in the past.

Vary The Structure Of Your Sentences

Most readers often get exhausted when they are reading a pattern of sentences that are lengthy with numerous clauses. Likewise, they feel hurried when they are reading a series of sentences that are short and abrupt. Ensure to vary the format and the length of your sentences.

What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers
What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers

Make Use Of Active Voice

Make your verbs do the work for you and make use of comprehensible and straightforward sentences.

The Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers

Avoid Making Excuses For Low-Grade Writing

Avoid making excuses when you deliver a low-grade manuscript. As much as a paper doesn’t mean much for you, it is advisable not to get into a habit of poor writing. You would not be serving yourself justice for the delivery of nonsensical essays.

Don’t Deviate

During the process of writing a lengthy paper, it can be, at times, challenging to keep to the topic. Nonetheless, the more one deviates from a particular subject, the more it is viewed that an individual has nothing valuable to add on the topic. To avoid this, one must intently give appropriate focus on the subject.

Avoid A Lot Of Jargon

Writing a research paper can be tricky if too much jargon is used. There is a difference between using the scientific terminologies and just flinging jargon everywhere in the essay. To ascertain which language to use, you ought to identify your audience.

What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers
What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers

Don’t Be Carried Away Too Much

When writing a research paper, avoid making claims that cannot be supported. It is a research paper, and there is no need to get emotional. Avoid coming up with sweeping claims or impassionate declarations in your research paper. This may indicate unprofessionalism and a lack of objectivity. Come up with claims that can be backed up by contemporary findings and can be objectively analyzed.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered a disgrace in the field of academic writing and diminishes the quality of your paper. One should be able to write the essay using his or her own words, and in a case where one quotes directly, they should acknowledge the source of information. This shows that they are not the original conveyer of the information.

Avoid Making Personal Claims

The use of personal claims can jeopardize the quality of your paper. Clearly outline where you are describing a definition that is prewritten and ensure to make proper citations. This will develop the essence of quality research.

Avoiding The Usage Of Scholarly Phrases That Are Overused

When writing a research paper never should you use the phrase ‘This paper is going to discuss ‘. It is clear that the essay is going to address something, so there is no need to mention that phrase. Similarly, do not use the phrase ‘in conclusion’ as it is a worn-out transition in conclusion. A reader ought to be aware that they are in conclusion, established by the details provided in the concluding paragraph.

Avoid Using Qualifiers

The use of qualifiers such as really, actually, basically, etc. when writing a research paper makes your manuscript sound more uncertain and tentative as well. Avoid using these qualifiers to deliver a more straightforward paper.

Avoid Making Use Of Slang

As much as academic essays make use of common English phrases, it is not a piece of casual writing. Don’t use terms such as ‘mummy, daddy ‘but instead use mother and father. A research paper is a formal piece of writing.

Avoid The Use Of Cliches

You ought to be very careful in the process of writing a research paper since you are vulnerable to clichés in your piece of writing. The use of phrases such as ‘too early and too many’ seems to be very meaningful, yet they are considered to be vague and cliché in academic manuscripts.

What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers
What Not To Do In A Research Paper: The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing Research Papers

Don’t Make Use Of Terminologies That Are Archaic

Don’t make use of archaic terms such as ‘Wow and alas’ when writing an academic manuscript. Your paper is supposed to be written in a more literary language to deliver quality.

Don’t Rely Too Much On Wikipedia

When sourcing information don’t rely on Wikipedia. This is because some of the details that are provided by Wikipedia are inaccurate and lack justification.


Writing an excellent research paper is very vital as the findings which are provided can be used later on by scholars and other interested individuals. It is, therefore, critical to observe guidelines that will assist you in securing a quality manuscript.