What are sediments - Essay Prowess

What are sediments

  1. What are sediments? How are sediments formed?
  2. What are sources of sediments? Make a list and give a brief description in your own words.

  3. Examine the diagram above. Where do terrigenous sediments accumulate? Why do they accumulate here?
  4. What happens to the size of sediment as you get farther away from the shoreline? Explain what is happening.
  5. What are turbidites?
  6. What is grading bedding?
  7. How do turbidites produce grading bedding?
  8. You are to collect a handful of the oldest biogenous sediment in the Atlantic Ocean. Where would you get it from? Explain why you selected these locations. (Hint: The mid-ocean ridge is a divergent boundary, which of which direction the plates would be moving.)
  9. How might cores be obtained from below the seafloor? What types of technology might be necessary to accomplish this scientific task?
  10. How would you go about finding and identifying cosmogenous sediment?
  11. [Optional: Extra Credit] What was the name and latitude and longitude of the island you were stranded on at the beginning of the course? Would you expect there to be more biogenous sediment or abyssal clays on the ocean floor? Why?