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Welcome to Vickie Oakley Coaching

Welcome to Vickie Oakley Coaching

Welcome to Vickie Oakley Coaching

Transparent leadership, efficient management and appropriately engaged employees enable companies to realize projected visions and strategic objectives as well as achieve a competitive advantage over other industry players. When an individual joins an organization, he or she tends to be incorporated into a role that in most cases will require teamwork. For a team to work effectively towards organizational objectives, each team member has to be fully committed to meeting the set team goals and objectives. At Vickie Oakley Coaching, I engage individuals, teams and groups towards unleashing innately endowed natural talents towards realizing life dreams, effective team work and tightly knitted groups. I do so with a natural passion as it gives me great joy and sense of purpose to see my clients aim to reach full potential by employing talents naturally endowed but previously untapped.

I have been a human resource professional for quite a long time now and through the years; I have come to embrace the fact that am naturally talented towards connecting people. In essence, I am what you may refer to as a human resource strategist. My core career objective is to enable people in organizations realize natural gifts and talents, accept, embrace and exploit them towards personal and professional success. This enables human resource functions in organizations to optimize on matching organizational roles with employee’s natural talents. I therefore enable organizations as well as teams, groups and individuals become progressive, productive and more so, effective in doing what they excel at naturally towards meeting organizational objectives.

Identifying people’s talents is my core role at Vickie Oakley Coaching which I further complement this by developing identified talents through speaking, teaching, training and coaching. This enables for the appropriate grouping of individuals to team roles which they are naturally able to relate to without much effort. As such, this leads to the creation of teams which are able to comprehensively achieve specific initiatives as well as team objectives relative to what they have collectively set out to achieve. One thing I always emphasize on when relating with clients is that building a team is quite similar to solving a puzzle. This in essence implies that each team member should figuratively be considered as a single piece of the puzzle. Enabling organizations create teams that propel them to greater profitability, productivity, innovativeness and growth gives me as much pleasure as successfully assembling a puzzle.

However, this may not as easy as it may sound. Assembling a puzzle may indeed be deeply satisfying to your organization as well as to me as a talent finder coach but the challenges that one has to overcome are definitely enormous. At Vickie Oakley Coaching, such challenges translate to opportunities offering you the ability to develop appropriate character and desire to grow positively and be successful in life as well as professionally. You and I can definitely agree that it is with great joy and complete fulfillment that pieces of a puzzle interact constructively to comprehensively achieve the objective of forming a perfectly complete puzzle. As these pieces seamlessly connect, each individual team member positively bonds with the other by understanding what form of bond transpires between them and the role that each has to play towards forming an objective team. I deem this as ultimately important as each team member has a unique voice which requires to be heard to achieve set objectives productively and effectively. As such, at Vickie Oakley Coaching, I endeavor to have every one fully comprehend that the term TEAM should be considered as the acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More.

It is critically important that I clearly present you with my personal competencies, professional accreditations and years of experience as a human capital strategist. I studied for my Masters Degree of human Resources Management at Troy University which I completed in 1994 before joining Power South Energy Cooperative as Human Resources Coordinator in 1996.   While working with this organization I enrolled for my doctorate degree in 2005 at the Covington Theological Seminary where upon completion in 200 I earned a PhD in Counseling. I am currently the Director of Human Resources with CDG Engineers and Associates, a position which I have held since 2008.

In 2014, I enrolled for the Gallup certified Strengths Finder Coach course which upon completion decided to form Vickie Oakley Coaching. I constructively employ the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment to enable individuals tap into innately natural talents and enabling you to perceive past successes in a brilliantly new way. I therefore take this opportunity to welcome you to Vickie Oakley where you as an individual, team, business, religious institution or community group can look to your natural talents as the core source of true wisdom and power to excel in all of life’s realms.