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Wal-Mart Lawsuit for Women Discrimination

Wal-Mart Lawsuit for Women Discrimination

Wal-Mart Lawsuit for Women Discrimination

This PowerPoint presentation offers an article review on the Wal-Mart Stores Inc. V. Dukes court case as presented by Pieklo J. N. on 7th August 2013 in the RH Reality Check website. Pieklo (2013) authored the article titled, ‘Why it’s so hard to sue Wal-Mart for Gender Discrimination’.

Pieklo provides that the US court system prevented the Wal-Mart v. Duke Case from turning out to as one of the most significant lawsuits against the discrimination of women in corporate America (Kellerman, 2011). At one time, over 1.5 million female employees from the retail giant Wal-Mart had sought to implicate its organizational culture as the discriminatory basis for promotion and pay increments at the organization.

The US Supreme Court came to the conclusion that claims put across by the female Wal-Mart employees were not concrete justifications for a class action law suit (Pieklo, 2013). The Court maintained that attributing the gender discrimination attributes of Wal-Mart’s organizational culture could not hold as women failed to offer strong justifications of common grounds. The suit therefore could not be conducted as a single court case.

The women thus tried to reduce the number of plaintiffs so as to ensure a common interest but the court again failed to accept to this on the same grounds. According to Pieklo, this court case provides that for parties to be able to have a class action legal suit against a corporate entity, plaintiffs must beyond reasonable doubt prove that they are presenting a single common claim (2013). She concludes by stating that is the situation fails to change, then, corporate entities may exploit employees as no single employee can have the capacity to have finances for legal services in such a case.


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