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Essay about VPN Implementation Planning

Essay about VPN Implementation Planning

VPN Implementation Planning

The step of planning for the implementation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the determination of scope. Next comes the establishment of an effective schedule. The assessment schedule should be prioritized. Next comes the identification as well as gathering of the required tools as well as the skills. It will help to identify and thereby analyze the importance of the VPN implementation for the fulfillment of the purpose. After the above-mentioned steps, come to the actual planning step and hence a plan for the VPN implementation is created. The system documentation is reviewed and it consists of the documents’ review of the system configuration as well as the system log files. It helps to determine the expected capabilities as well as security configuration of the VPN (Stewart, 2010). Next step is the identification of the target system and thereby analyze its suitability for the Virtual Private Network. This leads to the validation of the existing and probable vulnerabilities. The findings of the validation also need to be reviewed as a part of the plan. After the said steps, a final report is created. There is a no-compliance cause for any sort of vulnerability of security threat.     

Best Practices of VPN Implementation

The best practices of the VPN implementation are authentication, latency and split tunneling. For authentication, it can be said that VPN can be considered as the gateway between a user’s system and the Internet. So, the network is secured as much as the VPN. To ensure security of the VPN, effective practices of authentication are extremely critical throughout the infrastructure of the security. So, the security measures should be carefully adopted and practiced. When it comes to latency, VPN works seamlessly if it is configured properly. It should not interfere with the user’s experience (Difaa & Azouazi, 2013). Once authenticated, its presence cannot be identified. For configuring the VPN clients, the employe

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