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VoIP system Essay

VoIP system that can be utilized in the home environment

Voice over Internet Protocol, frequently referred to as VoIP, Internet Telephony or Internet Protocol telephony is modern day technology applied for the enabling of voice exchange over the internet by adapting analog audio signals into digital audio signals to allow for transmission on the internet. Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem also known as IMS is the architectural framework designed for allocating and controlling the delivery of internet Protocol multimedia services by supporting the access of multimedia and voice function services over the internet from both wire line and wireless terminals that is support networks of all internet service providers. With the technology industries making huge leaps in technological advancement the increased and straight forward access of content and contacts through use of mechanisms outside the control of wired and wireless service providers is challenging the Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (Valdes & Roos, 2007).

At home a VoIP PBX (private box exchange) system is an effective and efficient solution to VoIP telecommunication requirements. With this small system a user will be able to initiate and receive international call at minimum chargeable fees. PBX functions are usable with no need for purchases related to expensive PBX equipment and accompanying software. Call functions are integrated in the users existing telephone connection. PBX systems are an advantage in that two or more extension lines can be maintained at any one time from one telephone connection. VoIP PBX telephone systems come with in suite call handling features as call forwarding, call barring, call waiting, voicemail, call conferencing and many more.

VoIP service for home use is conveniently offered through the use of an ATA (analog telephone adapter), which is a de

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