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Visual Expressions In Society essay

Visual Expressions In Society essay

Visual Expressions In Society

In the present world, there are numerous images that are painted in major buildings, roads and institutions, and contains some messages which the artist aims at conveying to his or her targeted audience. However, most of the paintings contains hidden messages, and it calls for the reader to keenly examine the image and the writings on it in order to comprehend the exact message that the author intends to communicate. Actually, most laymen in the society often find most of these paintings as a mere background noise especially due to the fact that they can rarely contemplate their meanings. Precisely, in order for an individual to understand most of the contemporary paintings, he or she must think critically. Moreover, with the invention of numerous technological inventions in the present times, the art of painting as a way of society expression has been taken into a higher level. Most of the paintings that are being made in the present times are aimed at sensitizing individuals concerning issues of interest such as gender equality, climate change, feminism, technology, politics, health, and so on.

However, if I were asked to expand the syllabus of visual expressions in the society, I would select the work of Canadian artist Kelly Richardson, especially due to her determination of sensitizing the modern generation concerning the threats of environmental pollution. Actually, most societies have failed to preserve the environment, and the threat of this negligence would not only affect the current generation, but also the future generations. In her artistic work entitled Mariner work, she attempts to sensitize the society concerning how the future world would be looking at especially due to the continued emissions that are presently being emitted. In the Mariner 9, the technology has extensively been developed, to such an extent that in the near future, there will be numerous technological missions in the environment and even attempts to gather whether there can be life in Mars would be extensively conducted by researchers. However, though the continued research can be beneficial to the current generation, there is a high risk that the extensive missions and emissions in the environment may jeopardize the present generation, in such a way that there will be no one who will be surviving in the nearest future. Mrs. Richardson portrayed abandoned and damaged spaceships in his painting with no any living individual on site in order to convince the world concerning the looming danger

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