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Essay about Virgin Active Health Club SWOT Analysis

Essay about Virgin Active Health Club SWOT Analysis



Virgin Active Health Club SWOT Analysis

In all organizations, strategic management determines the long-term structure and activities of the organization regardless of the size and position in the market (Snelling, 2012: 3). It encompasses the capacity of the management to collect and synthesize critical information based on the existing business environment, which they use to develop a competitive advantage and strategic focus of the marketing plan by conducting SWOT analysis (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011: 122-124). This paper evaluates SWOT analysis and its application in the growth of Virgin Active Health Clubs (VAHC) in the United Kingdom (UK).

The VAHC falls under the Virgin Group, which was founded by the Sir Richard Branson in 1998. Globally, the Group has actively participated in the market operations with a total of 239 fitness clubs distributed largely in UK and other countries including South Africa, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, and Italy. The Group’s mission is to offer fitness solutions through the use of expert trainers, professional teams, and dieticians in order to train and monitor the balance life of their clients (Virgin Active, 2016). SWOT analysis examines the external forces (Opportunities and Threats) impacting on the organization and its markets. It also focuses on internal analysis (Strengths and Weaknesse

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