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Vietcong Vetnam War Essay

Why Vietcong was successful in winning the Hearts and Minds of the Vietnamese peasants relative to the U.S and Republicans in Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a fight for winning the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese peasants and being against the Vietcong. The Vietcong used guerilla warfare in Vietnam to eliminate their opponents (Hayslip, and Jay, 12). Vietcong guerilla fighters would attack U.S troops unaware and leave without capture.

The Vietcong soldiers wore the civilians’ clothes as compared to military uniform by American soldiers. Consequently, there was a lot of suspicion, arrest and mass interrogation of peasants by the American soldiers (Hayslip, and Jay, 13). The Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) soldiers and the Americans assumed that every peasant was their enemy. In this regard, it was impossible for the American to win the hearts and minds of the local people.

The Americans troops used military strategies that did not secure the support of the local people. Most Vietnamese peasants perceived the soldiers as invaders who were not welcome in Vietnam (Hayslip, and Jay, 17). Further, the American soldiers used air strikes that dropped chemicals like napalm and Agent Orange. These chemical warfare killed thousands of the innocents villagers hence the Vietnamese hated the U.S troops. Contrary, the Vietcong utilized these opportunities to help the villagers by informing them of the soldiers’ movements. In addition, they provided hiding places and basic needs such as water and foods (Hayslip, and Jay, 18). Furthermore, the Vietcong treated the wounded villagers with care, which certainly won their hearts and minds.

Moreover, the Vietcong needed the support of the Vietnamese peasants. The Vietnamese leaders initiated strict rules for their soldiers to adhere when they entered the villages

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