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? Utilitarianism

Read the selection from J.S. Mill from? Utilitarianism? in the files section (especially the part highlighted in yellow). ? Utilitarianism is a form of hedonism which takes pleasure and pain as NATURE’S way of telling us right from wrong. ? But Mill points out that one must take into account the different qualities of pleasures. ? What he calls the mental pleasures are higher than merely sensual pleasures and thus count more in a utilitarian calculation of what a good act should produce. ? How does Mill go about showing that some pleasures are higher than others? ?

If you had the choice of being a human being with the problems and dissatisfactions with which humans have to deal or to be a pig completely satisfied, which would you choose? ? Why? ? If you had the choice of being a wise person who has dissatisfactions or a foolish person who is perfectly satisfied, which would you choose? Why??

Why do you think some people give up on the “higher pleasures”?

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