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Research paper on an Urban Legend

Research paper on an Urban Legend



The urban legend chosen focuses on a contemporary issue regarding the deaths in America, as well as, the potential causes. The entire mystery considers two parties as the most potential causes of the deaths. These include the toddlers and the terrorists. Particularly, the article that articulates the mystery attempts to argue out the contentious issue regarding the predominant causes of deaths between the terrorists and toddlers. In this context, the toddlers are assumed to range between the ages of one to three years of age. Alternatively, the terrorists are assumed to be Islamic. According to a series of analysis, the conclusion of the chosen urban legend is that toddlers are killed more Americans than terrorists did in 2015 (LaCapria, 2015).


First, a very rational approach is applied to argue out the issue at hand. Notably, certain challenges could be associated with the findings. First, they are all based on social media and newspaper sources. As such, it requires that a set of similar sources of information be used to ensure that the data is valid and reliable. From an analytical perspective, the information provided in the article is true since the two accounts from the social media and newspaper sources. From a numerical perspective, the number of victims of the toddlers’ shootings was more than those who dies as a result of the attacks by terrorists. For instance, the Facebook and email associated findings indicated that 21 toddlers either shot themselves or others causing death as opposed to the 19 victims of terror attacks (LaCapria, 2015). The Washington article exemplifies similar results. Further, the article rules out the cases where shootings were not conducted on a terrorist motive.


Therefore, the information provided in the article is rational and reliable. The fact that the statistics provided by different sources including the social media, as well as, the newspaper rhymes shows that the children are the dominant causes of death amongst Americans as related to the terrorists regardless of the minute gap between the death tolls.         


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