Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening: Different scholars and researchers have come up with various perceptions regarding urban gardening. Perfect examples of these individuals include Lawson and Horrigan et.al. Lawson gives a series of reasons why gardening in the city is essential. The paper establishes the reasons provided by Lawson concerning urban gardening and the relationship with the ideas provided by scholars Horrigan et.al.

First, Lawson argues that urban gardening assists in reintroducing an admirable state of nature in the city (Lawson 5). Hence, people in the cities ably connect with the plants and animals. Usually, the city is not a safe and rational habitat for these animals. Therefore, the urban gardens give the people in the city the experience of living with plants and animals. Secondly, they are educational since the residents learn what they would not have come to know about farming in the city (Lawson 7).

They become open minded. Also, Lawson argues that the gardens are a security measure especially regarding food when events such as war, civil unrest lead to a reduction in the food production (Lawson 8). As such, the gardens are used as a source for solutions to social issues. For instance, the users not only learn how farming is done but also benefit from the aftermaths of farming including food. 

However, there is a different perception of urban farming according to Horrigan et.al except for the fact that it is a food security measure in case of any inconsistencies in the mainstream production (Horrigan et.al 445). However, other alternative benefits are affiliated with economic forces such as the cost of production (Horrigan et.al 446). For instance, food produced in the city helps in the reduction of the costs of transporting the food products from the commercial farms in the rural areas. Food produced from the rural areas may spoil upon transportation. Hence, the Lawson’s ideas differ slightly from Horrigan et.al since Horrigan focuses on economic benefits attributed to garden farming. 

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