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United States First Amendment Essay

United States First Amendment Essay

First Amendment

After the United States gained independence from the British, the architects of the Constitution allowed sharing of information among the citizens. They believed that democracy cannot be free and ignorant hence the need of openness and liberty[1]. In this regard, they established the Bill of Rights in the U.S Constitution that contained the First Amendment. The amendment provides for protections and freedoms and forbids creation of a state-owned religion. In addition, the First Amendment demands separation of state and religion and safeguards the freedom of free speech, worship and the press[2]. Furthermore, it guarantees the rights of association, assembly and petition. However, these rights and freedoms are not absolute because they have limitations.

The First Amendment has survived for more than 200 years without major changes or negations. The law has been a crucial role in the lives of the Americans. In 1798, the United State president John Ad

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