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United States Election of 2016 Russian Interference

United States Election of 2016 Russian Interference

United States Election of 2016

  1. The hackers had a distinct behaviour of engaging in online campaign activities which would influence the Americans presidential choices. They made use of Facebook and Twitter to undermine the popularity of Hillary Clinton amongst Americans. The two social media platforms allowed the hackers to spread defaming information about Hillary’s presidency to the internet users in America.

An example of the hackers’ tendency to use social media to propagate political stance is on the day of Election when there was a group on Twitter which sent the hashtag War against Democrats about 1700 times (Shane, N.p). The hackers were responsible for creating the groups that spread the propaganda. Similarly, Facebook had propagandas which included a post on Facebook which held ‘Never Hillary and the revolution must continue’. Eventually, the hackers went on to endorse Hillary rivals for the Democrats’ nomination using the information they illegally acquired from her emails.

The hackers were able to acquire Facebook, and Twitter accounts with the American profiles. They would then impersonate the Americans to improve the credibility of the propaganda they were sharing on the internet. An inquiry by the Federal Bureau of investigation indicates that over 10 million people saw the hackers’ ads on Facebook. Also, the hackers were able to purchase space on computer servers within the United States to make the political opinions appear to be coming from within the nation. Making the voters of United States think that the political views were from within would significantly influence their choice of a president.

Finally, the hackers illegally got information of the democrat's emails from the Democrats National Committee information system. The hackers then shared the controversial information on the financing of the party presidential candidate with the public portraying Hillary as lacking leadership ethics necessary for holding the president office. The hackers also compromised the personal files of the party leaders, official chats and the credit information of the party donors (Nance, 2). At the same time, the hackers were cultivating an excellent reputation for Trump through campaigns on the social media.

  1. 2. Investigations by both governmental and private firms indicate that Russia was responsible for the hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016. The Secure Works Company investigated the URL which had lured Podesta to giving up the password he was using to get authorisation for accessing the Democrats’ information system. The firm discovered that hackers sent the link to military targets and its source was Russia. The United States Intelligence Agencies also claimed they were confident that Russia was responsible for the hack.

Secondly, there was a registration of a domain whose purpose was to trick the Democrats National Committee employees’ using fraudulent emails. The address present in the political organisation system malware was similar to one that had been used to the parliament of German in 2015. An investigation by the security officers from German revealed the malware was from Russia. Their findings concurred with those of crowd strike which claimed that the attack was a Russian operation. Besides, there was a similar SSL certificate present in both breaches.

Further, there was the accidental inclusion of Russian-language metadata in the leaked files. Also, the documents had errors which were in the Russian language. The hackers

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