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Understanding self and others

Understanding self and others

Understanding self and others

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The project intends to conduct a reflection of at least four core skills namely decision making, communication, problem solving and team work. Upon identifying these core skills, four different journal entries will be made with respect to every core skill. It is in these journals that precise reflections will be made and a rationale will be provided for the selection of every core skill. As such, the paper intends to reflect on the reasons behind the reflection of these core skills. That includes explain the actual understanding of these concepts and the importance that they bear in one’s life in future. Particularly, the project provides an avenue for there to be review of one’s personal life and particularly with regards to how one comes to understand one’s competence level in either of the skills. A series of parameters of self-assessment have been employed in the report. The project constitutes these reflections which are aimed at exhibiting the link that exists between self-awareness and self-management. Through these journal entries, it will be feasible to establish the strengths and weakness in terms of personality. Hence, through this establishment, it will be feasible to establish the areas of personal development.

Core Skill 1: Decision Making

One of the key core skills that I possess is that of decision making. It is indeed because of that, that I intend to reflect on it since I have capitalized on it for quite some time now and feel that I am making progress. This assertion is supported by the fact that I have in the recent past made some appealing decisions.  

Decision making is a core skill that is of immense importance in any environment be it school, home or even working environment amongst others. Without an excellent or reliable decision making skills, one is likely to achieve undesirable results. It is in this case that the concept of “garbage in-garbage out” applies. My decision to reflect on this core skills is influenced by the fact that I have read and seen that most leaders who are successful are considered to be excellent decision makers. Indeed, decision making is not just a mere event. It is a concept that demands that one undertakes several steps towards achieving it. Most importantly, there is a series of elements that are worth putting into consideration before a conclusion is made.

Upon reviewing my recent past regarding my abilities to made decisions, I have established a series of experiences where I have made personal and even collective decisions. I believe that I am performing quite well in terms of decision making. The fact that I am a student is followed by the need to make decisions. However, I have had the ability to make some significant decisions on a series of events. That includes the organization of classes and assignments such that am able to complete them in time. I have managed to assess my competence based on several issues. These include my ability to complete my assignments in time is influenced by the fact that I make the right decisions regarding time management. My tutor and parents regarding my ability to make decisions either in terms of teams work or even regarding issues facing my siblings have also explicitly congratulated me. I also feel satisfied by the outcomes of the decisions I make. The kind of feedback I get from some members of the groups and even classes I attend have offered thei

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