To define a nursing research paper in simple terms, we can say that it’s an essay where you get to explain what you have learned after going through your research paper topic in detail. Generally, a research paper may include the correction of information from different sources such as books, interviews, articles, and internet sites. Besides, your ideas, knowledge, and opinions are of crucial importance in any research paper. A good research paper should be to the point and specific. Also, it should maintain its focus on the main topic of the research. Moreover, it should contain specific, prove research and of critical, a well laid down thesis statement.

Writing a research paper is not an easy task for many, but standard guidelines might make it easy. Make sure that your introductory part can give an overview of what you will be discussing. In your body, use your outline and prospectus as flexible guides. Ensure your work revolves around the points you want to make. Moreover, make sure to integrate your sources into your discussion. For eye-catching content, make sure to summarize, analyze, explain, and evaluate any published work rather than stating it. Finally, check the overall organization of your paper to ensure a smooth flow of your introduction. Also, check on the coherence and details of your discussion and, of essential, provide an overall conclusion.

7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers
7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers

The purpose of any research paper is not merely to inform the reader about the writer’s mind but to draw on what others have to say about a topic. It involves engaging the sources to offer a unique perspective on the issue in discussion thoughtfully. In general, a standard research paper may contain approximately 3000 words, which is about ten pages. However, the length of a research paper may depend on some factors, such as; research methodology, type of research, research audience, and purpose of your essay.

With the above understanding of a research paper, the other most crucial aspect understands the various types of research papers. In most cases, the kind of research paper usually is in the paper requirement provided by your instructor. Though this not the case as at times, the paper type may be implied rather than directly stated. In such a case, one might require an accurate interpretation of the paper requirements to understand what to write. To come up with the right research paper, you get to understand various types of research papers. Below are the main types of research papers and their requirements;

Nursing Argumentative/Persuasive Papers

In a simple definition, the nursing argumentative research paper is an essay that uses evidence and facts as a way to support the claim in hand. In other simple terms, it should be able to help one stand concerning a specific issue. nursing persuasive research paper tends to offer two sides of a controversial topic in one platform. On both sides, one should provide precise in-text citations from past research work that offer logical facts to attain that particular issue. In the end, the author should give both sides’ pros and cons, which allow the audience to gauge and favor one side. Though this the case, the author is never fair on both sides as they should support one side of the essay. A persuasive research paper should contain these five elements; a substantial introductory part with a straight forward thesis, three body paragraphs with clear, detailed evidence, and a persuasive conclusion.

Nursing Analytical Papers

In simple terms, a nursing  analytical research paper is a piece of writing that aims at analyzing different points of view from various sources concerning a particular topic. In comparison to a nursing  persuasive research paper, in this paper, you don’t require to persuade your readers on why your side of opinion is better than the other. Every research paper has a purpose, and on this, it offers a few different ideas and comes up with logical conclusions. For an eye-catching analytical research paper, it must possess unique features that distinguish it from other documents.

7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers
7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers

First of all, it must be on a complex informative basis. That means that the author is required to gather opinions on their topic from different perspectives. Furthermore, the author should ensure a proper formatting style for their work. Every format does specify the rules of citations, paper layout, footnotes format, and other aspects. Therefore, one should choose the right size and, if necessary, involve one instructor. Other features may include pure objectiveness, a formal writing style, a relevant thesis statement, a fresh perspective, avoid logical fallacies, critical interpretation of sources, and a logical structure.

Nursing Definition Papers

A definition research paper, in short words, is a research paper that describes facts or, in some cases, the objective arguments without the use of any personal emotion or opinion of the writer. It is the process of expressing an idea from an objective viewpoint free from excitement or the conclusion of the writer. One important point to note in this paper is that, though the author may obtain information from different sources, these facts remain unanalyzed. Also, this information only contains facts derived from other researcher’s work. The primary and only purpose of this research paper is to provide information. This information might be of importance, especially when dealing with persuasive or analytical research papers.

 Compare And Contrast Nursing Papers.

A compare and contrast paper can be described as an essay that deals with examining two or more topics. The author starts by comparing their similarities and end up contrasting their differences. Such issues may include objects, people, or ideas. The purpose of a compare and contrast research paper is to try and illuminate subtle differences or unexpected similarities between the two subjects. In some research papers, the author may feel confused by the various styles present. But in this paper, there are only two formats: the point by point and the block method.

For a point by point method, the author discusses both aspects in alternating order. On the other hand, in the block method, the author tends to deal with one element and to the other after dealing with the first aspect.

7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers
7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers

For any compare and contrast essay, it should possess the following elements. Most importantly, it should be able to discuss the similarities and the differences of at least two things.  The author should ensure that the two-item have enough in stock. Such elements, such as proper topic selection, determine your audience, and provide the right prewriting techniques, play a vital role in your essay. Also, brainstorming similarities and differences, honing in on your main argument, deciding on your organizational structure, obtaining supporting evidence, and proper conclusion determine your final work.

Nursing Cause And Effect Papers

Analysis of examining the reasons for and results of situations is the foundation of cause and effect papers. The primary purpose of this research paper is to determine the origins of a particular item and its effects that are easily attributed to it. Also, it portrays how various phenomena are related. Cause and effect papers are easy to identify as their relationship is direct and straightforward. The cause, ideally, is the reason why things happen. On the other hand, the effect is what happens as a result of the purpose.

Any cause and effect paper usually contains three main parts. First is the introduction, then the body and finally the conclusion. In the introductory part, the author gives a piece of clear background information about their works. At this point, the author should provide a clear thesis statement that tells the reader the fundamental idea of your essay. In your body, state the topic and supporting sentences clearly. Topic sentences say to the reader if a paragraph is about causes, effects, or solutions.

On the other hand, supporting sentences represent different causes, effects, and solutions. Finally, the conclusion set a summary of your paper. In your conclusion, you must restate your thesis statement, using the present perfect simple.

Nursing Report Papers

 The main objective of the report papers is to outline a case study situation. Any report contains the main parts, including a summary of the problem to date, identification of the main issue or concern, a breakdown of the main point elements, and finally, the recommendations on how to address the problem based on research on the topic.

For any perfect report research paper, the author should include the following elements.  The first one should be familiar with their assignment and what their instructor is expecting. Make sure to pick a topic using the guideline laid down by your instructor.  Thorough research is a vital part of your final report. In researching the key, things are skimming, finding reliable resources, and not ignoring information. The other important aspect is forming your thesis statement. When ready to write, ensure to put together all the information you have gathered. Go through your work, make changes where necessary ad edit before submitting your final result.

7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers
7 Most Popular Types Of Research Papers

Interpretive  Nursing  Papers

Interpretive research is a research paradigm based on the assumption that social reality is not singular or objective but somewhat shaped by human experiences and social contexts. The purpose of interpretive research is to offer insights into how a particular individual, in a given state, makes sense of a given situation. Interpretive papers tend to view social reality as embedded within and impossible to abstract from their social setting.  Interpretative research papers heavily depend on qualitative data and have their roots in anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics, and semiotics. 

Generally, interpretive do possess various unique advantages. To start, they are suitable for exploring unseen reasons behind the complex, interrelated, or multifaceted social processes. Also, they are always useful for theory construction in areas with no or insufficient a priori theory.

Interpretative research work contains the following qualities. First, they are naturalistic inquiry, which means that social phenomena must be studied within a natural setting. Also, it’s an instrument for researchers. Moreover, they offer interpretive analysis, which includes observations that need interpretation through the participants’ eyes embedded in the social context.

The above content provides the main types of research papers. I hope this information is helpful to use and tackle  your assignment with easiness. Formats and various methods play a vital role in perfect research papers. Understanding special and unique elements that distinguish each research paper from the other provide a proper basis for an ideal research paper.

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