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Training And Development

What is your distinct learning style? Please choose from one of the three major learning styles: visual, audible, or kinesthetic. Given your unique learning style, what activities help you to learn the material best? For example, some visual learners may prefer diagrams and flipcharts, while some audible learners may prefer lectures and discussions. If you were tasked with developing a training program, discuss how you could make sure that you were equally covering the different learning styles and not just concentrating on how you learn best.
Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”


In my field of work, I have found that I am a kinesthetic learner, meaning I learn best by diving in heads first and learning hands-on. I have found that it is beneficial to me in my position to be this way because not every person I deal with has the same background & professionalism, and since my job requires me to be customer-service orientated, I have to learn how each person reacts to certain situations and adapt. I prefer being a hands-on learner because there are some things that just cannot be taught through visual or audible measures. I work primarily with condominium owners, and it is definitely not cookie-cutter. When I hired my employee, she is a very visual learner and it was tough to teach her the process of the day-to-day routine because there really isn’t any set way to answer an email or to handle a project. It very spur-of-the-moment/ learning how each owner acts. I, personally, learn from when I make a mistake. The biggest growth comes from this, I find. 

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