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Analysis of Origins of Totalitarianism

Analysis of Origins of Totalitarianism


The politics of human rights has often been considered to be controversial from especially from one writer to the other. On a similar account, the issue of totalitarianism that is highly affiliated with the issue of human rights often received different perceptions. Most authors have often perceived totalitarianism as a brutal, ruthless and inhuman approach of leadership. However, others tend to have a different perception about it (Arendt, 1973). The essay intends to focus on the perception by Arendt regarding human rights especially in the context of totalitarianism form of leadership.

According to Arendt, human rights is a virtual concept. The rationale behind this argument is that the rights of man are inalienable or irreducible from any other form of right. Therefore, there does not exist any form of authority for the establishment of this right. Human beings are therefore the main final source of the rights. The author focuses on using substantial inform

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