This is an individual business report paper of the final team project.

This is an individual business report paper of the final team project.

This is an individual business report paper of the final team project.

Here is the instruction for this paper form professor:

  • Each student will submit a formal final presentation in the form of a Formal Business Case
  • The Business Case will include the following:
    • Background on company
    • Challenges or issues assigned
    • Organization of company/business
    • Goals of the team
    • SWOT
    • Assumptions made in the business case
    • Solutions and options
    • Financial impact and summary
    • Final recommendations: financial profiles for each of the expected options for solutions
  • The business case will be a minimum of 10 pages, double spaced
  • Will include charts, graphs and any depiction that assists with the summary of the case

Please write the paper according to the requirements point-to-point above. You can see an example report paper by this instruction in another document.

Here is our team ’s plan:

Skyline Chili is the company selected by our team.

For the skyline franchise, typical problems include less brand control, insufficient management, regulations of Ohio, high employee turnover. We PLAN TO develop a new franchise model, in which management and operating are separated, for instance,   

Franchisee (Skyline Chili) is responsible for store management, running the store, store decorating, providing food, hiring professional employees. And the store owner is responsible for choosing the location, providing capital, local advertising and such non-essential activities. So skyline Chili gains physical stores and capital, but still has a high level of management, and the owner don’t need to pay much attention to store running but still get profits. In addition, in the new franchise model, store owners do not be responsible for unsold food. And there are other suggestions such as providing employee training, offering better hiring and better retention programs.

Here are screenshots of our team presentation PPT, it can be used as some resources for this report paper.

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