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The SMART criteria

The SMART criteria

As we are quarantined at home, the day to day busy schedule is not the same anymore. I gotten lazy and have had a difficult time getting back on track, but through it all, I have been able to do much more than I even thought was possible. The best method that has helped me is to begin my day with a meditation that has been allowing me to become more aware and present  (Fredrickson 2009) of my day along with an affirmative prayer of gratitude. Doing this the first thing in the morning has allowed me to experientially open (core to mindfulness), which has increased my awareness and positivity. (Fredrickson 2008) This has allowed me to tolerate any negative emotions early in the morning before I get along with my day.

To then get my day moving, I have been using the smart Criteria, which also has been working very well for me to stay progressively on top with my school work, career, health, and social relationships while staying at home. It has been tough to maintain my motivation and physical activities in general, but with an agenda “Consistency” (Miller & Kerr, 2002),  which in my case, SMART Criteria has really kept me motivated and on track to accomplish all of my tasks. The SMART criteria are (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound)  helped me from procrastinating as I would write down my attainable tasks the night before with a time slot. This method is working for me, allowing me to have a very smooth schedule. As my days started to get more productive as I was able to accomplish everything that needed to be done, I was still ending up with some extra time.

There is this positive feeling in me since I was learning to manage my time, everything that needed to be done was being done. “Learn and strive” Bandura (1996) “evidence of both past success and possible future success.” I felt like since I had extra time, it would be useful to try to add more tasks into my day, so I decided to accomplish a goal of mine, which was to get involved and learn more about the stock market. Although it was hard, I currently know more about the stock market than ever before, and I am also investing in it.

In the future, I know things will eventually go back to normal after the pandemic, but I will continue to follow my routine. Self-determination allowed me to feel like I am the one in control of how I use my time correctly every day. Since I have been able to accomplish so much, I feel motivated to do more. 

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