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The French Revolution Essay

The French Revolution is aptly described as a monumental revolution of its time. It was ideally brought about by the precise situation in France at the time. France was a great economic powerhouse in the international scene all through the eighteenth century. So much so that it was Britain’s main rival. France foreign trade from 1720 to 1780 caused some degree of anxiety, as a matter of fact notwithstanding that she was not an economic powerhouse compared to Britain her system of handling colonies was more dynamic compared to that of Britain. Britain at the time already had a foreign policy that was based on interests leaning towards capitalistic expansion. The anxiety was caused by arising conflicts in the official framework, vested interests of the old aristocratic regime and the growth of novel social forces.

However, in the late 18th century, constant wars with England had brought the French economy to near bankruptcy coupled with poor harvest as a result of occasional famines that adversely affected the peasants who labored for the large land owners. Food prices spiraled and large land owners cashed in on speculative buying investing the profits to buy more land. This was basically at the expense of the peasants. This encouraged the peasants to set aside personal differences towards the interest of colle

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