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Is Technology Neutral Essay Example Solved

Is Technology Neutral Essay Example Solved

Technology is not neutral

There are critics who tend to argue that technology in itself is neutral and more so that the essence on the neutrality of technology is based on their position that views on technology are based on how humanity chooses to apply the technology at hand. With this in mind, technology can therefore be considered as amoral. Therefore the option of people to apply the technology acquired for repressive ends other than for the optimization of human capacity can only be our option responsibility. In essence technologists should strive to present technology as neutral. Technological determinism can be described as the freedom of man to use the technology at his dispensation based on will to do good or evil.  This is referred to as the instrumental perception with regard to technology.

On the other hand, there are critics who hold onto the view that technology is no neutral. Proponents of this school of thought argue that no single individual can apply a given technology to realize a certain end without being influenced by this technology and more so essentially being used by the same technology. Such theorists present the argument that people tend to be conditioned by the technological advances and more so interactions among the peoples and technology as presented by the contemporary environment. Thus, such theorists describe technology and its development as neither being neutral, evil nor good. This is essentially do to the notion that the application of a certain technology regardless of the end to which it is applied does bear both negative and positive outcomes. Such outcomes are a possibility regardless of the intended use of the technology.

This can further be supported by the fact that there are some technologies that tend to dictate on the ways it is used. This technical aspect of technology serves to shape the purpose of people while using a given technology. One can therefore argue that technology is in itself a force, independent in its own right but having a degree of effect on its users an thus cannot be referred to as neutral. Technology can be designed to have effect on social political and economic aspects of a society. Such designs can be intentional or otherwise and appeal to certain social circles and even given social patterns such that influence on people accessing the use of such technology have different perception on issues that are different from perceptions of individuals with no access to that technology.

Technology is not neutral due to the reason that it is as a result of a social interactions in political and philosophical processes among institutions thus producing a social product incorporating the interactive processes. As such the argument is further supported by the fact that no scientific process is as a result of a lack interest in a given scientific endeavor. Therefore, technology can be considered as a means to achieving an end but with some inherent form of influence depending on the degree of interaction with an individual and the society at large. Technology therefore translates to dictating the way people and society go about doing some things. Technology cannot be regarded as neutral since it is basically a human tool that can be applied by some individuals against other individuals thereby presenting a society’s cultural inclinations to certain values.

Technology is dehumanizing

Since the age of civilization human beings have been influenced through organized societies with the primary aim of carrying out tasks as a socially collective organism. The means as to which these organized societies influenced mankind to achieve a given end differed from community to community. These may have been physical or otherwise with the outcome that is essentiality to alter human behavior towards controllability. This was basically dehumanizing people in a society so as to realize some form of efficient society. It is worthy to note that human beings have only the tendency to accommodate such influence up to a given limit. When this limit has been surpassed, a myriad of problems tend to plague such a community ranging from rebellion, mental health complications, strikes, low birth rates and many other similar problems that lead to the collapse of a society.

In the world modern world, technology has presented and continues to present societies with mea

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