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Tears of a Tiger Fiction Novel Essay

Tears of a Tiger Fiction Novel Essay

Tears of a Tiger


The fiction novel Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper is a Hazelwood High Trilogy. The book involves a story of a young, basketball superstar known as Andy. The author accomplishes an amazing unified vision in showing African-American basketball player who suffers depression after the death of his friend (Draper, 5). The book has remarkable unity of characters because the author uses multiple-narrative structure. In addition, there is diversity of styles and tone that induces characters and their narratives. The books start with a short newspaper article revealing a deadly car accident where Robert Washington a student from Hazelwood High is killed (Draper, 6).


Andy is the main and dynamic character in the novel. Additionally, he is an emotional character. He depicts funny, fearful and depressed characteristics (Draper, 20). He is a successful basketball player in his school team and was acknowledged for putting a smile on the face of the students always. Keisha i

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