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Target Corp essay

COURSE TITLE Management Capstone Project
  MAN 6950 – Online
INSTRUCTOR NAME Dr. Dolores “Dee” Batiato
CONTACT INFORMATION Office Phone:  239-938-7707
e-mail: [email protected]
Cell:    941-496-0464
BLACKBOARD SUPPORT Students with Blackboard technical questions should contact Hodges University Helpdesk at 844-938-7701 or 239-938-7701. Also students may visit to submit a ticket.
INSTRUCTOR BIO Dr. Batiato completed her Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) with a management specialization in 2001 at the University of Sarasota. She is a member of the Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society.  She has been a healthcare administrator since 1980.  Her experience includes an extensive background in healthcare administration/management with particular interest in directing and establishing facility start up, including administrative framework and administrative team development.  She has also consulted in various areas of healthcare and business management.  Her areas of interest include leadership/ethics, strategic planning, managerial communication, statistics and research methods for managerial decisions and finance.  Dr. Batiato is the Chair of the Johnson School of Business – Management Department.
OFFICE HOURS By Appointment:  Monday – Friday – Online, Phone, Campus
CREDIT HOURS 3 semester credit hours
COURSE DATES April 1 – April 30, 2019
COURSE MEETING INFO Online – weekly in Blackboard
REQUIRED RESOURCES No additional textbook(s) are necessary for this course.
Previous textbooks, including the APA Journal (6th./ Edition may be helpful.
COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is the capstone course for the Master of Science in management program. Its main focus is for students to demonstrate they have achieved the goals for learning established by Hodges University and the Management Department. The student will demonstrate and apply his or her command, analysis, and synthesis of knowledge, skills, abilities, and theoretical concepts fostered throughout the program to a project which serves as an instrument of evaluation.   
The student will: Student Learning Outcome Assessment Method
(in-class and/or online)
This course will include a variety of instructional methods including lecture, readings, and videos. Students will engage in learning through research, writing, reflection, discussion, and practice. This course makes use of Blackboard where students can find the most up-to-date learning materials, syllabus, assignment instructions, and announcements. Additional details regarding instructional materials and methods can be found in your course in Blackboard.
Students are expected to:
*Read the syllabus and be aware of all course and university policies.
*Understand how to navigate the HU Portal, Blackboard, the HU library databases, and HU email.
*Work on coursework every day of the session.
*Manage time to meet all course deadlines.
*Dedicate more than 28 hours/week to the course.
*Contact the instructor immediately with questions or concerns about coursework or deadlines.
Students enrolled at Hodges University are required to regularly attend and actively participate in classes regardless of whether attendance or participation is factored into a student’s final grade. Students who do not attend the first day of the course will be dropped and will not be reinstated. Student attendance and participation in courses are an academic matter and are monitored on the basis of progress reports and final grade reports submitted by instructors during the 1st and 4th week of each session. Students may be administratively dropped from their courses due to lack of participation. Changes to the student’s course schedule may affect eligibility for federal and/or financial aid funding.
For every semester credit hour of instruction in an online course, it is expected that the typical student will average 2250 minutes (a 3:1 ratio) per credit hour in preparation, online activity, and assignment completion.   COURSE COMMUNICATION
Blackboard Announcements
Please review all announcements when you log into Blackboard. The instructor will inform you of any changes through the Announcements module. Blackboard Discussion Board
The course utilizes the Discussion Board.  All students are expected to fully participate in the discussion board during the duration of the course whenever necessary.  Weekly “check-ins with a progress report will be done via the Discussion Board. Assignments
Graded assignments are submitted under the CourseWork Tab in Blackboard. E-Mail
All online students MUST use a Hodges University email address. Please do not email assignments to the instructor; rather, submit them to the appropriate Assignments link. Instructor’s Rights
The instructor reserves the right to alter the content of the syllabus and/or assignments at any time.  The instructor also reserves the right to penalize students for repetitive mistakes.  In addition, any work, idea, or concept contributed by a student to a class discussion or project can be used by Hodges University for the duration of the term, or until project completion.    
Note:  The successful completion of this assignment demonstrates mastery of all of the program outcomes. Each student/team will research and write an independent, applied research paper with sections due at the end of Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.  This capstone project utilizes the application, analysis, and synthesis of all learning objectives met throughout the student’s experience in the MSM Program. Final- completed paper is due Week 4. The purpose of the capstone project is for the student to demonstrate her or his ability to practically apply the theoretical concepts examined in her or his prior management studies in this program to a prescribed, comprehensive, scholarly analysis of a current public corporation.  The corporation, which has been chosen for the capstone project this term is Target Corporation.   Target Corporation is an American retailing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and it is the second largest discount retailer in the United States, following Walmart.    This company was chosen as the topic for the capstone project because it represents financial, human resources, cultural, employee relations, leadership, change management, and ethics issues as they relate to the successful operation of a publicly-traded corporation.  There is a wide variety of information and analysis published about the Target Corporation, and the successful student will blend this information as well as scholarly information obtained from the Hodges University Library databases in the completion of this capstone research project. This capstone project will be written in chapters as prescribed below.  Each chapter must begin on a separate page.  It is, in essence, an independent, applied research paper like all others in the MSM Program and will be formatted according to APA guidelines.  The focus of the paper, however, is essentially how a management consultant might collect and analyze data as a part of her or his recommended plan of action for the company which would be presented to its executives.  In short, the student will paint a comprehensive picture of the various elements contained in the outline below, identify salient elements from the scholarly literature, think critically about each element, and draw conclusions supported by the scholarly literature on each.  A major outcome of the MSM Program is to be able to take theoretical concepts and accurately apply them to actual management situations.  The scholarly literature is the only acceptable source for the theoretical outcome.  Practical information comes from a variety of sources, including publicly-traded companies, financial websites, industry analysts, trade publications, journals, and periodicals.  Therefore, effective execution of this management capstone project will require that the student first review the literature on each theoretical concept and then marry the theory to actual practice based on evidence in sources such as Target’s Annual Report, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, MSN Money, The Securities and Exchange Commission, Business Week, and other similar sources.       The format for the paper will be as follows: Abstract (Due Week 4 with the completed paper) Table of Contents  (included in the document— Follow the headings below -do not construct a separate document) Chapter 1  –  Introduction (Due Week 1) The introduction to the capstone must be comprised of the student’s conception of the totality of the issues addressed in the paper with an overarching introductory statement and one or more paragraphs dictating the premise and stance taken for the topic in each chapter. This should be no more than 2 pages.  It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 2  –  Background (Due Week 1) Provide some general background information regarding the company, its leadership, history, and development/evolution.  This should be no more than 2 pages. It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 3 – Situation Analysis (Due Week 1) This chapter presents relevant background data on the internal and external constraints (limitations) affecting the decision-making capacity of the management.   The situation analysis should begin with an investigation of Target’s mission and vision statements.  Remember that this is a research paper, and both elements must be defined, compared, and contrasted with scholarly research.  Comparing and contrasting requires that you find and cite more than one definition/source.  Should your analysis of the mission and vision suggest that either statement is inconsistent with Target’s practices, you must provide restatements.  You must, however, draw conclusions about why either Target’s existing or your proposed mission and vision statements are appropriate. Look at and provide an analysis of the overall situation outside the organization to detect trends and changes in the broad demographic, economic, technological, political-legal, ecological, and social-cultural forces that can affect performance and profits.  Thus, this section should contain a heading for each element which discusses the analysis and draws a conclusion for each element in the internal and external environment.   SWOT analyses are an integral component of situation analyses.  The SWOT analysis must be comprised of a bulleted list of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  Provide a rigorous, original SWOT analysis and explain and summarize what it yields.  Critical thinking is required and must be apparent.   The length of Chapter 3 must not exceed 8 pages. It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 4 –  Organizational Culture/Ethics (Due Week 2) The chapter should first contain a broad review of the literature on organizational culture as it pertains to management practices in a multi-national organizational such as Target.  Identify the culture and subcultures under which Target Corporation operates, provide evidence of your assertion, and draw a conclusion regarding the strength of that culture and management’s success in achieving organizational goals via those cultures or subcultures. The chapter should next contain a broad review of the literature on organizational ethics as it pertains to management practices in a multi-national organizational such as Target.  Identify the ethical structure under which Target Corporation operates, provide evidence of your assertion, and draw a conclusion of that ethical culture.   The length of Chapter 4 should be no more than 7  pages. It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 5  –  Human Resources Management and Employee Relations (Due Week 2) The chapter should contain a broad review of the literature on effective human resources management and employee relations practices as they relate to multi-national organizations such as Target.  Identify human resources management and employee relations issues at Target and describe management’s effectiveness at resolving these issues.  Conclude this chapter with your considered opinion as a management consultant on how Target’s human resources and employee relations management decisions will likely impact its future.  Provide cited evidence in support of your position.  The length of Chapter 5 should be no more than 5 pages. It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 6  –  Leadership (Due Week 2) The chapter should contain a broad review of the literature on leadership in organizations.  Enumerate those styles of leadership that you believe attach to Target’s CEO, Gregg Steinhafel.  Be sure to include both those broad and specific leadership theories that describe Steinhafel’s leadership and make a supported argument for each of your positions.   Take a position on the effectiveness of Steinhafel’s leadership, again supporting your argument.  The length of Chapter 6 should be no more than 8 pages. It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 7  –  Change Management (Due Week 3) The chapter should contain a broad review of the literature on effective change management techniques in organizations.  Describe two major change initiatives at Target within the past two years and identify the change management constructs Target’s management used.  Take a position on the effectiveness of Target’s change management initiatives, again supporting your argument.  The length of Chapter 7 should be no more than 5 pages.  It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 8 – Financial Position (Due Week 3) Review Target’s published financial statements for the past three fiscal years.  Provide a trend analysis describing growth or shrinkage in assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, cash flow, sales, fixed costs, variable costs, and net income.  Conclude this section with a statement of Target’s current position, supported by ratio analysis, and render an opinion about its financial performance for the next 3 years.  The length of Chapter 8 should be no more than 8 pages.  It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 9 –  Strategic Human Resources Management at Target (Due Week 4 with completed paper) This chapter should discuss Target’s relationships with its employees.   Discuss how Target recruits, maintains, and motivates employees who may perform essentially the same work but are compensated differently.    Discuss the impact this may have on productivity, quality, and costs.  The length of Chapter 9 should be no more than 6 pagesIt is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Chapter 10  –  Summary (Due Week 4 with completed paper) This chapter ties together the preceding chapters.  Summarize your findings and draw a broad conclusion as to the viability of Target Corporation and its management.  Lastly, make an argument as to whether you would work for Target in a management capacity in a store.  Be sure to state reasons for your position.  The length of Chapter 10 should be no more than 3 pages. It is critical that you do not exceed the required number of pages. Reference List  This assignment will facilitate independent research and, using the data and information gathered, allow the student to conduct several types of analyses which we have learned throughout the MSM Program.  The instructor will serve as a consultant to the student, and each student must communicate with her at least once per week. Important Components of the Research Project–The paper must follow APA format; be well organized; and free of spelling, grammatical, and structural errors.  Appropriate headings and sub-headings must be used to separate and delineate topic areas.  The paper should not read like one long story from beginning to end.  The paper must begin with an appropriate introduction which sets the stage and introduces the topic and must end with a summary.   Each chapter must begin on a new page. The paper should not be merely an assembly of quotations from others or a summary of the work of others.  It must include your own thoughts and critical thinking on the subject under discussion.  The paper must be sharply focused.  But stay in the third person. The paper should contain a minimum of 40 pages as described above, no more than 70 pages, and should be formatted according to the current edition of the APA Publication Manual.  Utilization of the competencies of research ability, initiative, critical thinking, and effective communications will be required to successfully complete this project. The completed paper must contain a reference list with no fewer than 20 citations which must be utilized throughout the body of the paper.   Citations must be sourced from scholarly articles, books, etc., which may be obtained from the Library and/or its online resources.   Any paper which is not properly formatted, referenced, or does not comply with APA guidelines will not be accepted by the instructor, and a failing grade will be issued for the assignment. 
The submitted chapters of the Capstone Project will be graded and returned in a timely manner.  The professor’s comments and corrections need to be carefully reviewed and the appropriate edits and changes made before resubmitting the corrected papers.  It is the student’s responsibility to understand and research, if necessary, the proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, formatting, APA, or other types of corrections to be made based on the professor’s suggestions.  Repetitive corrections of similar mistakes will not be made by the professor in subsequent chapters; the student’s final Capstone Project grade will be lowered at the discretion of the professor for such repetitive and uncorrected errors. Phase 1      15points     (Chapters 1, 2, and 3)      Due the end of Week 1  December 9, 2918 Phase II     20 points    (Chapters 4, 5, and 6)      Due the end of Week 2   December 16, 2018 Phase III    20 points    (Chapters 7 and 8)           Due the end of Week 3   December 23, 2018 Completed paper with abstract, table of contents, ten chapters, Reference page and appendices if used.          40 points                     5 points   timely submission of weekly chapters.           
                  100 Total Points  
QUIZZES / EXAMINATIONS There are no quizzes or examinations in MAN 6950
GRADING AND EVALUATION Grades are assigned per the University’s graduate grading policy as follows: A = 90 – 100%            Superior Performance  =  Work demonstrates excellence in scholarship, imagination, and creativity; shows rigor, is sound and free of logical error; thorough with depth and breadth; exceeds basic expectations; consistent with graduate-level standards of writing.

B = 80 – 89%              Satisfactory Performance  =  Work  demonstrates above average insight and comprehension of the subject matter; is sound and free of logical error; thorough with breadth, depth, and rigor, consistent with graduate-level standards of writing.

C = 70 – 79%              Below Average Performance  =  Work demonstrates the characteristics of “B”, though, with less breadth, depth, thoroughness, or rigor; or has a significant but not “fatal” defect in logic or argument; falls at the lower edge of the standard for graduate-level work.

D = 60 – 69%              Unacceptable Performance  =   Work is inadequate in quality and quantity; fails to reflect comprehension of the course materials; fails to reflect completion of the course assignments/work; fails to reflect graduate-level work.

F = Below 60%            Failure =  Work is unacceptable in quality or grossly inadequate in quantity; not consistent with graduate-level performance.
A = 90-100      Superior Performance
B = 80-89        Satisfactory Performance
C = 70-79        Below Average Performance
D = 60-69        Unacceptable Performance
F = below 60   Failure
There is not proctored exam..
Hodges University has adopted an Academic Honesty Policy that all students are expected to follow. Students sign this policy during the orientation/registration process. A copy of this policy is located under Student Forms, Policies and Other Information in the Student Resources Team Site of MyHUgo.
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Students can also receive assistance from Smarthinking or Khan Academy.
It is the responsibility of the student with a documented disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to request special accommodations at the beginning of each term, if needed, and to provide the requisite supporting documentation. The Student Accommodations Manager and ADA Coordinator for the University are responsible for the coordination of compliance efforts, in particular, between the student and professors. If ADA accommodations are needed, please contact [email protected] or call 239.938-7815.
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Academic and career advisement is available in the Student Success Department on the Fort Myers and Naples campuses as well as over the phone or via WebEx. Students are strongly encouraged to connect with their Academic Success Advisor on a regular basis to develop and continually evaluate their plan to complete their program of study. Each student has an assigned Academic Success Advisor whose name is located in the Student Planning area of Self Service. Students should contact their advisor directly or reach out to Student Success: [email protected] or 239.938.7730. Career Services is available to assist students with career exploration and assessment, as well as support with writing resumes and cover letters, practicing interview skills and searching for jobs and networking opportunities. Contact Career Services at [email protected] or 239.938.7815.   COPYRIGHT P[OLICY   The materials distributed in this course may be subject to copyright. No part of these materials may be reproduced, reposted, or transmitted in any form or by any means, other than for personal educational use, without the consent of the owner
  See Weekly Matrix Below……
.     Week Due Date Assignment Work Product 1 April 7 Review Blackboard Session Review the course syllabus E-mail me that you have read the course syllabus include any questions / concerns that you may have. Review resources in Blackboard (See “Resources” tab on left menu) Gather notes from previous classes Begin Scholarly Research Post Introductions in Discussion Board Continue Research Report into our Discussion Board with any questions and what you have done this week in regard to this class Submit Chapters 1, 2, and 3   2 April 14 Review Blackboard Session Continue Scholarly Research Report into our Discussion Board with any questions and what you have done this week in regard to this class. Draft and edit chapters from last week Discussion Board for weekly progress and any questions Submit Chapters 4, 5, and 6 3 April 22 Review Blackboard Session Draft and edit chapters from last week Continue research and drafting Discussion Board for weekly progress and any questions Submit Chapters 7 and 8 4 April 29 Draft and edit Submit completed paper (as one document)  including: APA formatted title page, abstract, table of contents, ten chapters, references and appendices, as needed.  
The professor reserves the right to amend the syllabus, week due dates, assignments and/or planned activities.