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McDonalds SWOT Analysis sample essay for college

McDonalds SWOT Analysis sample essay for college

Every organization with a rational management structure and approach will always have objectives that it expects to achieve. In that context, it requires to have a plan that will serve the purpose of guiding the process of achieving those objectives. A SWOT analysis, is a tool that is used to inform the future steps of planning to achieve stipulated organizational objectives. In a bid to exhibit how well a SWOT analysis functions, the paper focuses on the SWOT analysis of one renowned multinational company McDonalds.  


Diverse Sources of Income

First, McDonald, in its well-organized franchise business benefits from a strong diversity approach. As a result of the diverse business brands, the company enjoys the diverse streams of income. The company operates fast foods where it acquires a chain of revenue from numerous countries and the products offered (Jones, 2014). That implies that it does not rely on a single source of income unlike most of its corporate rivals. For instance, the company recently earned 16.488billion from the restaurant sales. The franchising stores earne

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