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Essay about Sustainable Development

Essay about Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development


            Sustainable development is the development that ensures the needs of the current generation are met without the compromising of an ability of the coming generations meeting their own needs. It entails the integration of beneficial developments in various sectors, between generations and even across borders (Lu et al. 432). Strezov et al., (245), indicates that the decisions made in sustainable development account for environmental, societal and economic impact. It also keeps in mind that the daily actions will impact elsewhere and the future (Strezov et al. 246). Sustainable development has been described in high-level discussions both corporate websites and political forums. Many academic institutions have programs concerning this field. It has become one of the contemporary society defining ideas and a conceptual touchstone. (Marcovecchio et al 17). Literature tends to analyze the concept of our governance systems and our daily lives.

The literature on sustainable development

Despite the sustainable development concept of political correctness, there was criticism in both the conservative and radical sides. The under-developed nations were suspicious that it could be an industrialized nation imposed ideology to enforce stricter rules and conditions on aid to developing Nations (Addison et al. 161). Though there has been a crucial progress in sustainable development trends in the past 20 years research shows that it has not acquired sustainability in many respects, either socially or environmentally (Addison et al 165). According to IMF data, the global output growth is from 11 to 63 trillion dollars and the population growth is from 4.6 to 7 billion people. This has placed new planet demands. A global growing consensus reveals that the present patterns of production and consumption are environmentally unsustainable.  Disregar

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