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Suspected Child Abuse Essay


As a school nurse, I came across a child who had exhibited suspicious behaviours associated to child abuse. After inspecting a 10-year old pupil, she had bruises and cuts on her chin and faces. The learner had not reported any cases of defilement in the school. Based on my professional training, I decided to report to the nearest police station, child protection services, and to the school management (Mathews, 2015). At the hands of the police, she explained that her stepmother was responsible of the physical abuses. The abuses had occurred in the past few weeks after her parents divorced. She was left with her father who later married his second wife. Notably, her stepmother had instructed her to tell anyone who asked that she was injured by her friends while playing over the weekend. When interrogated the stepmother denied the allegations but she admitted that she might have innocently hurt the girl while disciplining her (Wheeler, 2013). She was later charged in court where she was found culpable.


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