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Surveys Data Collection Sample Paper

Surveys Data Collection Sample Paper


Surveys Data Collection Sample Paper

In the current world, shoplifting is among the most costly and common crimes. However, there is little data that exists to govern the reliability characteristics of the typical shoplifting. In this study, a survey will be applied to study shoplifting. The survey data will be gathered from law enforcement officers or security officers.          

Survey data can be described as the resultant data, gathered from a sample of participants who participated in the survey (Keusch, 2015).  According to Couper, survey data is detailed information collected from targeted respondents on a specific topic of interest. This data is useful when conducting research relevant to the gathered data (Ladner, 2002). 

Several methods will be applied to collect survey data. In this study, various mediums of survey data collection will be applied to collect opinions and feedbacks from security officers and law enforcement officers. These multiple sources of survey data collection include face-to-face surveys, telephonic surveys, and online surveys (Allen, Browne, and Cherrett, 2012).  The method of data survey to be applied to a particular group of participants will depend on the sample of people to be reached (Brennan, 1992). 

            Several factors will be considered when gathering data using surveys (Ritter and Sue, 2007). Some of these factors include how to reach out to the participant either offline or online, how the survey information will be conveyed to the respondents alongside other factors (Edwards et al., 1997). Taking these considerations will determine the efficiency of collecting data. Online surveys will be applicable in situations where there is more than one question to be asked to the selected respondents since they are efficient for accurate survey data collection(Lefever, Dal, and Matthiasdottir, 2007).  Questionnaires will be used while conducting face to face responses.

Survey Data

            In this research, the method mainly applied to collect shoplifting data for analysis was face-to-face questionnaires. The procedure entailed visiting several shops across Jeddah City and administering open-ended questionnaires to the shopkeepers and security officers who guard the shops. The primary reason for selecting the two categories of participants was that they have sufficient data, which is necessary for the data analysis to be performed in this research. In addition, it was easier to apply questionnaires during face-to-face meetings with the participants. This method could facilitate the acquisition of more accurate data compared to other forms of conducting surveys, such as online surveys (Lefever, Dal, and Matthiasdottir, 2007).

            The other reason that contributed to the application of questionnaires as opposed to online questionnaires is that this technique of conducting surveys is cost-efficient quick, and responses are gathered quickly. For instance, while conducting these surveys, both the shopkeepers and the security officers took around ten minutes to answer the questionnaires, which saved much time. Besides, data collected using questionnaires maintains the privacy of the participants. When applying questionnaires, simple questions are written and given to the participants to answer. This data does not pass through many hands, unlike when other techniques of surveys are applied. In addition, it becomes easier for the researcher to customize the data according to the research requirements, as questions are generally set to meet the requirements of the research. 

            SSPS was applied in the research to offer assistance to the researcher when performing complex data analysis from the collected data. The primary reason for choosing SPSS is that it has four major programs to help in data analysis. These include the Statistics program, Text Analytics for Surveys Program, Modeler Program, and Visualization Designer. Archimaps were applied as a travel guide across Jeddah City.