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Stereotyping And Social Identity

Professional Assignments Case study assignments should be formatted in accordance with the most current APA edition. The paper should be 2-3 content pages in length (excluding the cover page and reference page). The inclusion of properly formatted headings and sub-headings as well as citations and corresponding references based on the assigned readings is required for the assignments. In addition, be sure to review the rubric requirements/instructions to determine the number of scholarly research sources that should be integrated into your discussion 

Read Case Study Hy Dairies, Inc. (Chapter 3, pp. 109-110) in your textbook (and a minimum of six [6] peer-reviewed sources plus the textbook) and answer the following questions:

  1. 1. Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong here. (make sure you define stereotyping and social identity, then answer through your definitions)
  2. 2. What other perceptual errors are apparent in this case study?
  3. 3. What can organizations do to minimize misperceptions in these types of situations?

Your paper must include an introduction and a clear thesis, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Top papers demonstrate a solid understanding of the material AND critical thinking. Make sure you have a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed sources. 


In the HY diaries, the case of stereotyping emerges when Rochelle Beauport, one of the female employees are sidelined by the Company’s hierarchy. The company views women as less competent than men and hence, states that women can’t bear the pressure or the burden of managing an organization at the top level. According to the social identity theory, a superior group in an organization is likely to discriminate against the minority or the less superior group in order to enhance their image and control all the aspects of power. In the social identity theory, aspects like differentiation, categorization, and homogenization can be used to distribute roles and responsibilities and also determine who may be given leadership or who cannot. For example, in this case, study, the company values women as a minority group, and therefore, Rochelle cannot be allowed to lead at the top level. Therefore, she is given a lesser role as a marketing coordinator and she ends up feeling devalued by the company. To avoid such problems, organizational leaders need to practice democratic leadership. In democratic leadership, all the views and opinions of employees are taken into serious consideration. Furthermore, roles are distributed according to the skills and the level of competency of the employees. Lack of democracy and transparency are among the notable errors in this case study. However, they can be solved if all employees are given equal chances to perform or express themselves.


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