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Stakeholders in Sustainable Business Transformation

Stakeholders in Sustainable Business Transformation

Assignment 3: Stakeholders in Sustainable Business Transformation


In this module, we explored a number of broad forces that have significant influence on business, government, and society. In this assignment, you will focus on environmental issues and sustainable development as a growing force in business and society today. Decision makers integrating environmental and social issues and concerns with economic goals can face conflicting costs and benefits among these three elements of sustainable development.

In this assignment, you will examine some of the environmental and social costs and benefits associated with an economic development project. You will also examine one business or organization that is implementing sustainable development policies and initiatives.

This assignment will comprise 15% of your total course mark. Part A is a case study on the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a new dam in China. Part B is a report examining a corporation or other organization that is transforming to more sustainable operations. Each question carries the marks as stated for a total of 100 marks.

Part A: Instructions

Read the Discussion Case: “The Three Gorges Dam” on page 241 of Chapter 10 of your Business and Society textbook, and answer the following two questions. You should demonstrate your ability to incorporate and integrate your learning from all aspects of this module. Ensure that you include information from the course material, the readings, your journal, and your own research.

  • Question 1: Describe some of the conflicting social, economic, and environmental costs, benefits, and issues associated with construction of the Three Gorges Dam. Remember to consider global as well as local and regional issues and impacts (or potential future impacts) of construction and operation of this dam. (25 Marks)
  • Question 2: Describe the biases, perspectives, or experiences that may influence your views on the various costs and benefits of the Three Gorges Dam project. (5 marks)

Part B: Instructions