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Specific Case Vignette Examination

Specific Case Vignette Examination

Specific Case Vignette Examination


Fearfulness; anxiousness; tension; feeling loneliness; feeling of worthlessness; difficulties in falling asleep; fearful of being trapped and chocked; extreme restlessness/ irritability; muscle tension; heart palpitations; trembling and shaking; chest pain; nausea; dizziness; difficulties in breathing; accelerated heart rate.


Distress: Casey fear has severely affected his interpersonal interactions. He cannot create or maintain a relationship resulting into feelings of loneliness and he is worried that he might live alone throughout his life. Extreme distress has led him fearful of going to crowded places, he fears that in such places he might get trapped. Moreover, the distress significantly impacts his movements he is fearful of carpooling/feels restricted due to the high number of passengers. The symptoms has become distressful such that Casey had to leave his work since he thought while alone at home he would not experience the symptoms. However, while at home he could experience psychological symptoms based on self -report.

Dysfunction: Casey experiences various abnormality behavioral functioning, for instance he is fearful of crowded places, and he feels exposed to threats such as fearful of being trapped. Casey also experiences emotional behavior disorder such as fearfulness, anxiety and tension. Moreover, he experiences abnormal and irregular heart rhythms such as heart palpitations and increased heart rate. It is abnormal to have extreme fearfulness, anxiety, tension and abnormal and irregular heart rhythms.

Duration: Casey fear for crowded places has been persistent for over twenty years. For the last twenty years he has also been unable to create and or maintain a healthy relationship. Since the first instance of extreme fear wh

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