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Essay on Importance of Soft Skills

Essay on Importance of Soft Skills

Soft Skills

What are Soft Skills

At the most fundamental level, a skill is aptly described as an ability to perform a particular task well. As Matteson, Anderson, and Boyden (2016) provide, a fitting definition for the term skill is having access to specific processes, sequences of behavior, or knowledge that allows for distinctive performance outcomes. This implies that a skill is something appertaining to action (Clarke, 2016). When it comes to soft skills, there are unique elements about them. Soft skills have a lot to do with an individual’s attitudes, dispositions, beliefs, and values (Matteson, Anderson & Boyden, 2016). This means that soft skills have a significant bearing on the standard with which a worker performs or judges the performance of specific actions towards the attainment of identifiable objectives (Davidson, 2016). One can therefore put across the definition of soft skills as interpersonal aptitudes and character traits that influence a person’s capacities to interact and work with others in a given situation towards the achievement of particular goals (Clarke, 2016). This gives the implication that soft skills serve to complement technical skills making a person with both a valuable asset.

Sets and significance of Soft Skills

Soft skills serve to shape the personality of a person. It is imperative that each worker acquires them regardless of job expertise or background (Davidson, 2016). Soft skills are a potent indicator of an individual’s job performance abilities just as is the case with conventional professional qualifications (Claxton, Costa, & Kallick, 2016). A recent research study indicated that 15% of the reason a person is able to attain employment, retain it, and witness career advancement closely associates with technical knowledge and

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