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Socialism Essay


Young children become exposed to a variety of aspects during their transition from childhood to adulthood which may have huge impacts in their attitudes and characters in regard to duties dictated by gender (Swart & Grauerholz, 2012, p.15). Children normally first acquire these attitudes and characters at home before being reinforced by school environment, friends, media such as watching television among others. However, children acquire robust influence concerning duties dictated by gender from within the home environment.

Little children are prone to the impacts of various variables in the environment especially where they grow up.  These variables play a huge role in placing the little ones at risk for behaviors which are antisocial in nature (Swart & Grauerholz, 2012, p.19). This is because young ones have more susceptibility than mature people to the exposures of the surrounding and hence they come across potential exposures that may stay long in their lives. The attitudes that parents possess towards their yo

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