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Social media marketing platforms for organizations

Social media marketing platforms for organizations



Social media are the modern innovated networks that provide sites for individuals to socialize all over the world. These social media networks include twitter, facebook, whattapp, YouTube among others that any individual with internet accessing gadgets can access them and start sharing ideas, images, and feelings among others in every part of the world. In addition, these social media have nowadays enabled many business organizations to market their products through allowing them to advertise their produced products that makes most customers to aware of the existence of their products and thus plan on how and where to access them. This paper pays great attention on the general usage of twitter on sharing news and promotions, a general outline of Qantas airlines and the approach the Qantas airline have on social media.

General usage of Twitter for sharing news, for promotions / sympathy /marketing /sharing /self reporting

Many officials such chief executive officers currently recognize the growing dominance and ubiquitous access of web-based social media as the best sources of official information. real-time dissemination of information, multilateral transfer of information and the instant spread of information across many people and other positive features of twitter to be the growing social media that provides platforms for sharing interactive information. Due to this change of communication mediums and the increasing demand of most individuals engaging through twitter, most corporations have adopted the use of this social media as an official communication platform. For example, twitter has been adopted by multinational corporations and many non-governmental organizations as a platform for communicating with multiple stakeholders.

In addition, social media provides avenues for market research since an organization can see the time when the customer left a comment and the number of customers who have commented about a given product. Moreover, social media provides opportunities for advertising and promoting an organizations products which can result to increased sales in the long run.

Qantas which is also referred as the Qantas Airways Limited, is the largest airline in australia and the world`s second oldest airline that was founded in 1920 and began operating international services in may 1935. This airline is located in the suburb of mascot and its main hub is located at Sydney Airport. Qantas airline has an Australian domestic market share of 65% and carries 18.7 % of passengers who travels in and out of Australia. The headquarters of Qantas are situated in the Qantas centre in the mascot suburb of the city of Botany Bay, Sydney, New South Wales.

Qantas has twenty domestic destinations and more than twenty one international destinations in fourteen countries across America, oceania, Europe, asia and Africa without including the other destinations that are served by its subsidiaries. Moreover, the Qantas airlines and its subsidiaries serve more than sixty five domestic destinations and more than twenty seven international destinations.

In addition, Qantas airlines offer a wide range of services to the customers such as in-flight entertainments that have been installed on its aircrafts. For example, it has located personal LCD screens in first class cabins; economy and business class cabin and premium economy class. In addition, television programmes have been installed for shorted flights while video entertainment systems are shown on the main screen systems for lengthier flights. Moreover, the Qantas airline has provided well designed cabins such as the first class, the international business class, the premium economic class and the economic class. In the recent past, the airline has equipped aircrafts with smart phone application programs for windows phones, android and internet operating system platforms. The internet operating systems provides mobile check-ins, live flight updates, boarding passes that link with passbooks, ability to book hotels and flights, fare alerts and sales, and  information on airport lounges. In addition, the airline enabled wireless internet access and seat-back access to cached web and e-mail browsing.

Qantas’s social media approach

Social mediaAnalysis as per the year 2013.Qantas statistic of social usage
FacebookDominates in nearly every country. That is in 127 countries. Has 63% of usesHas 6700 fans and this amounts to 21% increase.
YouTubeHave about 100 million unique monthly visitors than facebook. Has 59% users.Has 5243 fans
InstagramHas 57% usersHas 3455 fans
TwitterHas 46% usersHas 5,625 followers and this amounts to 68% increase.
Linked inHas 13% usersHas 239 fans

Qantas had an average of average of 3173 tweets at a time but these this number kept on changing depending on the events that were occurring at different periods. For example, the eleven minute precedent of alan joyce, which had little impression had less number of tweets.

However, about 30% of Qantas airline tweets were provided linked directly from the audiences to the news press. In addition, about 25% of the Qantas tweets were provided to the official news reporting agencies such as @bbcbreaking, @nytimes and @abcnews. In addition, 8.9% of the Qantas tweets were the referred to as the spoof accounts and included the @ alanjoyceCEO and the @Qantas PR.The main objective of the launching of the twitter accounts by the Qatar airlines was to provide the online audience with the crisis management portals. That is, it was intended to increase the marketability and support services to their esteemed customers.

QantasLuxury Contest

This was a contest that was devised by the new social media team in order to eliminate the negative mentality of the Qantas airways after the grounded fleet and with the objective of diverting the attention from the unsuccessive contract negotiations with AIPA, ALAEA AND TWU. Before this contest, the Qantas airline had planned to reduce the salaries of the employees that resulted to fleet breakdown as a result of employee demonstration. This resulted to massive losses to Qantas customers since it lead to flight delays, and change of flight hours.The set price of the winner of the contest was to be given a first class amenity kit and pajamas that would be printed Qantas airways. The official of the contest had assured the customers that the latter praises to the firm through the social media about the good inflicts products have motivated the firm to prepare the contest.

However, instead of the customers to respond positives in the firms twitter account, the latter took it as the golden opportunity to raise the negative in-flight experiences that the firm offers to them. for example, the customers complained that the planes that reach on time were the ones that were being well paid by the Australian-based personnel. However, the objective of this contest was to make the customers forget about the major crises that the corporation had made to the customers. However, this contest leads to the corporation to increase the negative attention back to itself as a result.

The lessons that the firm learnt

The initial lesson that the firm learnt was that, the new social media committed a major error with this campaign of the social media. The Qantas airways failed in timing the launching of this Qantas luxury contest since the campaign was launched one day after the failure of the negotiation between the firm and the labour unions and only after one month since when the employees had locked-out. In addition, the launching of the campaign was at the period when the customers were sympathizing about the loss that they had incurred due to the workers demonstration. Moreover, the contests grand prices targeted the customers in the economic cabin who were the victims of the travel interferences that they encountered. In addition, after the losses that the customers had incurred due to fleet break down, the Qantas airways made few customer engagements through the twitter account and thus, the sudden change of customer involvement with the luxury contest was at the wrong time of things. The Qantas airways should take control of the twitter account that is currently unable to do so.

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