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Social Contract Theory Essay

Social Contract Theory Essay

Social Contract Theory


This is one of the oldest theories in philosophy which seeks to determine the moral and political commitments of individuals to the formation of a society allowing for fruitful co-existence in order to thrive also as a personal entity. Contemporary political and moral theory is essentially founded on social contract theory as argued by Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke all strong supporters of its basis (Seidman 13). However, philosophers like John Rawls as well as race conscious philosophers and feminists criticize the theory as one that primarily aims at subjugating persons of different social status (Pateman and Elizabeth 21). This paper seeks to make illustration of the social contract theory according to Hobbes, highlighting its strong and weak points, offering examples of both instances as well as projecting a personal opinion.

Social Contract Theory as Postulated by Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes an influential English philosopher opined that this particular theory sugg

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