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Shelter-Pimp Swot Analysis Essay Paper

Shelter-Pimp Swot Analysis Essay Paper



Shelter-Pimp is a home improvement retailer company operating in the United States, supplying construction tools, products together with the services. The company headquarters is in New York.  Despite the great recession of 2007-2009, the Shelter Pimp has striven to survive in the competitive market. The company has realized that there is a demand to have homes, offices, business premises, and classes renovated in a customized to reflect individuals’ ideology, interest, religious interest, or inspiration. In addition, people renovate the premises, in case they intend to resale or have purchased it from someone with an unpleasant look.


The analysis evaluates Shelter-Pimp’s internal and external factors that affect its operation in a business environment.  


Shelter-Pimp has various strengths that assist it to thrive in the industry. The strength is essential for the protection of market share and penetrating into the new markets. The key strength of Shelter-Pimp is as follows. 

High-quality products and services: Shelter-Pimp operates in a competitive market with competitors such as Lowes and Home Depot, setting the new pace; for that matter, Shelter-Pimp has thrived despite the competition by ensuring that they offer superb services beyond the customer expectation.   For instance, the company has plumbers and carpenter who offer expert advice to the customers regarding their home improvement projects.

Strong Brand Image: The Company’s strong brand image and market leadership enhance its strength since they are vital in attracting the biggest market shares.

Affordable services:  Shelter-Pimp has a close relationship with suppliers, creating economies of scale and cost-effectiveness, therefore making their services affordable to the customers.

Product portfolio: Shelter-Pimp corporation provides a unique and unlimited set of commodities at a single place, making the corporation more popular. Besides, it provides an array of eye-catching products that range from furniture, cleaning solutions, fasteners, fans, lightings, hardware solutions alongside other products. 

Eco-friendly Products: The corporation has a collection of alternatives for consumers who prefer purchasing products that prove to be eco-friendly. Presently, the corporation has around 10,000 commodities, which can be categorized as eco-friendly. In order for the organization to separate these commodities from other products being sold, it labels the products with an energy star. The power which can be saved through the application of these products is also indicated.

Diversification: Shelter-Pimp corporation is fully diversified in terms of operational niches and the collection of products. In order for the organization to ensure that the customers can easily access its stores, it has set several stores across the United States, with the current number of stores estimated to be 2500. These stores serve a wide range of customers. Thus, many products, including construction materials, flooring supplies,  plumbing appliances, kitchen appliances, hardware items, and electrical appliances, among other products. It is by offering a wider range of appliances that Shelter-Pimp  Corporation is in a position to achieve the entire consumers’ needs for household improvement items. Offering a wide range of commodities also helps the organization maintain its leadership position and compete well with other business giants across the United States, such as Wal-Mart. 

High Customers’ Satisfaction levels: For many years, the Shelter-Pimp Corporation has been able to satisfy the customer needs and has a great dedication to maintaining good customer relations. To attain this, the customer department strives to serve the customers well and respond to their needs accordingly.

Highly skilled labor force: Shelter-Pimp Corporation has implemented training programs whose major objective is to provide sufficient learning to the employees. The organization has invested a considerable amount of resources in employees’ training programs. Consequently, the company’s employees become more innovative and are always yearning to attain more corporation’s goals. 


If Shelter-Pimp has to maintain its leadership position, there are particular areas that it needs to enhance. Weaknesses can be described as the niches whereby a corporation requires some improvements through the application of a SWOT analysis strategy. By doing so, Shelter-Pimp will be in a position to maintain a competitive advantage, while at the same time improving its position across the business world.  Shelter-Pimp’s weaknesses are discussed below

The Shelter-Pimp marketing Strategies are less desired: Although the organization attained most of the goals in providing a wide array of products, it has not yet clearly stated its unique selling proposition. Consequently, this can attract from other leading corporations across the United States.

Shelter-Pimp Organization has great employee attrition: in comparison to other leading corporations across the United States, this organization tends to have greater workforce attrition. As a result, the organization has to ensure that it invests a significant proportion of its resources to offer workers maintain workers’ training and development.

Shelter-Pimp organization has indicated a slower rate in Research and Development: Compared to other leading corporations across the United States, such as the Wal-Mart, the Shelter-Pimp Company is investing more than the average amount of funds in research and development. Nonetheless, with all this spending, the organization has failed to keep pace with other leading companies.


Use of online channels to acquire more customers: In the recent past, Shelter-Pimp Company has indicated a great improvement. It has invested considerable resources on online platforms enabling it to acquire more customers. In addition, through the use of these online channels, Shelter-Pimp Company will be in a position to understand its customers’ behaviors better.

The United States government green motives: Since the company offers a wide range of green products, the United States government, together with other government contractors, purchase Shelter-Pimp’s goods. 

Market Expansion: Since the United States markets are constantly improving, certain leadership advantages will be diluted and pave the way for the Shelter-Pimp organization to improve its position in the market.

Changing consumers’ behavior trends across the nation: In recent years, customers’ behaviors across the United States are constantly changing. Recently, the Shelter-Pimp organization will have n opportunity to diversify its products more and attract more customers.

Emergent environmental policies: New policies will provide Shelter-Pimp with more opportunities to compete with other competitors in the market. Consequently, the company will have a greater market share and innovate more products.

Development in technology: the emerging advanced technologies will enable Shelter-Pimp Company to enhance new pricing approaches in the market. As a result, the corporation will retain its customers and create more.

The United States’ agreements to open newer markets: The United States government has shown an improvement in open trade strategies. Shelter-Pimp’s organization will have a better opportunity to benefit from the new market niches and expand its operations.

United States’ uptick in the economy and customers’ increased spending: Subsequent to an extended period of economic recession in the United States, the conditions have improved, and customers increased their spending. As a result, Shelter-Pimp Company can create new customers and improve its market share.


  • The United States local distributors have indicated higher competition from local distributors. These distributors are currently fetching higher margins from the market share.
  • Emergent advanced technologies from other leading competitors in the market might threaten Shelter-Pimp’s operations.
  • Shelter-Pimp Company operates in numerous countries across the globe. Thus, there is a risk that it can face currency fluctuations at any given time.
  • The constantly changing customers’ behaviors might adversely impact the supply chain model of Shelter-Pimp’s online channels.
  • Shelter-Pimp has irregular innovative commodities as most of its products result from other leading corporations’ innovations.
  • Shelter-Pimp encounters an intensive completion. In addition to the competition from other leading corporations, the company also encounters competition from several other market players both in the United States and globally.  Some of the competing corporations include Costco, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best-Buy, alongside others. Thus, Shelter-Pimp Company is forced to sell its goods at discounted prices to attract more customers. Selling goods at extremely high discounts might attract losses.
  • Similar to other corporations across the United States, the Shelter-Pimp Company is heavily impacted by weather issues. Whenever there are events of extremely bad weather across the United States, customers usually postpone their home improvement strategies. As a result, Shelter-Pimp encounters a great reduction in the overall sales, which might as well lead to unanticipated losses.