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Self -Reflection sample essay for college paper

Self -Reflection sample essay for college paper

In the group presentation, I played the role of merging all the information that was collected by the rest of the group members. That, from a general perspective, involved engaging in the coordination of the process of gathering, sorting and merging all the information that was research. Hence, the final product heavily relied on my ability to successfully sort the information. Accordingly, it has been absolutely necessary and sufficient that I incorporate further skills in as far as research skills and sorting skills. In a bid to evaluate myself, I intend to focus on my experience in coordinating information. From a professional perspective, I intend to embrace the use of the Gibbs Strategy that is focused on engaging in a simplified but in-depth review of the experiences that I have had in course of the group presentation (About Gibbs reflective cycle, 2016). Arguably, the main sections of this self-reflection include the overall narration of the experience, my feeling and perception regarding the group presentation, a review of the experience and the feasible lessoned learned. Ideally, these constituents of the reflection are well represented in the Gibbs Strategy of self-reflection.

The role of coordinating and facilitating the merging of information corrected regarding the SWOT analysis of Samsung Company. Besides serving the role of coordinating and merging the information gathered from the rest of the members, I also engaged in personal research but in this case not regarding a specific aspect of the SWOT analysis. Remember, the SWOT analysis constitutes four main sections amidst

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