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Security Roles Essay

Security Roles

The safety of any organization’s belongings such as information and processes which are utilized to control and spearhead the organization’s activities has been considered of great significance. Failure to ensure the safety of the organization’s property can have detrimental consequences to its credibility (Miskel, 2006, p. 23). An organization can experience threats in many ways, for example, when its confidential data is hacked or as result of avoidable mistakes by the human resource.

These forms of threats keep changing continuously and, therefore, this necessitates all security parties to formulate and enforce systems and diverse methods to ensure the safety of these belongings (Gupta & Sharman, 2009, p. 57). Ensuring that an organization is safe and void of harmful elements involve quite a wide variety of interventions. In order to protect what the company owns, the parties concerned with safety identify the threats and measure the weaknesses so that they can design effective and counteractive measures to avert any disaster (Miskel, 2006, p. 45).

The safety implementing organs also work to avoid losing any asset or property worth in the company. They concentrate on the crucial property that the organization owns and the mechanisms to safeguard them, and this is achieved through evaluation of threats that can pose danger or that may derail the company from meeting its objectives (Gupta & Sharman, 2009, p. 71). The safeguarding parties in an organization also conduct management of risks that may affect the safety of the company by scrutinizing probabil

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