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Romanticism v Realism and Nature essay

Romanticism v Realism and Nature essay

Romanticism v Realism and Nature


Realism and Romanticism are both diverse literary era, although they are similar in terms of history and time. Precisely, romanticism is considered as a movement of natural history, music, literature, art, and school of thought in the mid-eighteenth century. In fact, it was a product of Enlightenment period and the Industrial Revolution (Baym and Levine eds. 27). It was sparked by the fact that most individuals were opposed to scientific discoveries related to nature as they opined that nature should remain God’s work and pure, instead of scientific inventions. On the other hand, realism began in the mid-nineteenth century when people started to question the romantic ideas. Therefore, it was an attempt to know what caused the existence of things distinct from mystical explanations hence used science (Baym and Levine eds. 29). The paper analyses the description of nature based on realism and romanticism concepts.

Romantic literature demonstrated an intensified attention in nature, revering it above civilization. Moreover, it also paid close attention to the personal expression of imagination and emotion (Schneider 61). The writing style was characterized by departure from the forms and attitudes of other rebellion and movements against existing social conventions or rules. Significantly, the literary activities demoted the significance of reason. In so doing, it glorified feelings and hope as opposed to intellect and knowledge in one illustration (Baym and Levine eds. 32). In its explanations towards o

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