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Eng 101 Rhetorical Analysis essay

Eng 101 Rhetorical Analysis essay


Rhetorical Analysis

Part One

Author’s statements about the importance of Rhetorical Analysis

The author provides a series of arguments regarding the extent in which Rhetorical analysis is useful. He argues that it is not always a norm that what people say is what they mean to as they try to persuade you. First, the author provides that rhetorical analysis assists in the context of identifying what the true intentions of any rhetoric. Remember, there are chances where there are ill-intentioned phrases. Finally, the author argues that conducting the analysis will help one to become an independent critical thinker and user of rhetoric.  

Rhetorical Analysis:Seeing an artifact

The concept of seeing an artifact does not mean a mere issue of sight when it comes to an artifact. However, it implies that when one intends to see an artifact, he has to consider factors such as how credible the artifact is. There has to be sufficient evidence to support the artifact’s credibility. Further, the artifact has to be logical such that every argument makes sense. Finally, an artifact’s nature should be convincing from an emotional perspective.

Part Two

The author, as from page 20 to 26 discusses comprehensively the issues oscillating around a rhetorical triangle. The author is at the top of the rhetorical triangle. He or she has a perspective that the artifact is expected to express. That is the purpose of the artifact. The audience determines the purpose of the artifact. Hence, there is a dynamic relationship between the three factors. The author also provides an account of the logos, ethos, and pathos in a bid to ensure that the artifact is optimally functional. Thus, it provides an account or steps of how one can determine the best artifact for a rhetoric experience.

Part Three

Paragraph 1

The purpose of the first paragraph is to introduce the source of the picture, which in this case is the artifact. The student describes the nature of the riots and scenario in which the citizen journalist took a photo that gained online meme sensation.

Paragraph 2

The student uses the second paragraph to introduce the scope of the audience that the artifact (photo) can be used to address. He first assumes that the audience is vast enough including the university students. However, the particular audience that remains relevant in this context is those who are aware of the movements that led to the photo’s emergence. Further, the student also introduces the purpose of the artifact. It was to be of influence to those who already participated in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. However, it is also expected to inform those who do not know the existence of the violence. 

Paragraph 3

The third paragraph is used by the student to provide the credibility of the artifact regarding the purpose of the photo. For instance, the paragraph provides a detailed explanation of the artifact to ensure that its content is sufficient enough to serve the purpose intended. As such, the artifact becomes relevant after the content is described

Paragraph 4

The student uses this paragraph to explain the emotional part of the image. Arguably, it provides a detailed emotional attachment of the artifact to the scenario in which the photo was taken. Remember, the purpose of the image was to ensure that the users understand the severity of the atrocities. Hence, the student uses the fourth paragraph to elevate that aspect.

Paragraph 5

The final paragraph expresses the extent in which the artifact or photo influenced the direction of the Occupy movement’s agenda from an emotional perspective. That means it aims at explaining the aftermath of using the artifact that the extent in which it is a relevant and useful tool in crossing the message to the right audience.

The student uses the fifth paragraph to demonstrate or state her point regarding the effectiveness of the photo. Particularly, she implies that she believes the photo captures the emotional feeling of the audience. Hence, reflecting her opinion.

The order and clarity of the rhetorical analysis attracted my attention regarding the rhetorical analysis. Particularly, the analysis includes every part of a successful rhetoric analysis and provides reliable information that makes the artifact in question a reliable one. As such, the analysis is an excellent one.

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